Sunday, 7 April 2013

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Well... I completely forgot I had this blog.

I've been on tumblr and that's pretty much where 98% of my time is spent, so I'm really sorry that I completely forgot all about this.

On the plus side, it's the Easter holidays so I've got another week off! I've got so much work to do for my A-level exams in May/June and I'm so scared I'm gonna fail them all. I need an A and two B's to get into my top choice university! I hope I can get them! >_< Speaking of universities, I completely forgot to apply for accommodation the day it became available and when I went on two days later the type of accommodation I wanted were all gone! Which means I now have to get the more expensive ones... WHY?! It's ridiculous that I'm gonna come out of university with a debt which will take the rest of my life to pay off. BLEH!

ONLY TWO MONTHS LEFT OF SCHOOL!!! I'll be freeeeee! Of course, I'm just excited for a trip to DisneyLand...  I do feel really sad that I'll be leaving a load of my friends behind but I'm getting to the point where I've had enough of school. The teachers put so much pressure on everyone and they're all convinced that their subject if the most important one! At least next year I will only be studying the things I want to!!!

Oh bugger. When did it get to midnight?!

Can I just point out this amazing song from CircusP called Lie? It's so pretty and sad and you can actually understand the English! I'm sorry but I find Luka really hard to understand, even though she's supposed to speak English.