Thursday, 10 January 2013

Back to school

I swear I have the least creative titles for my posts...

So school's back and I walked into school and then realised how little work I'd actually done... Everyone was pulling out all of their revision cards and stuff they had made and I was all "I read my revision guide a couple of times."

On the plus side, on Sunday I had to slice together a load of songs for my Mum's Year 6 dance club for the competition they're in. It took me about half an hour just to turn the computer on (the one I normally use to post stuff on this blog, normally by the time it's on I've lost my train of thought and end up watching crap on YouTube...) I was moaning about how slow it was, my little sister got it for her birthday and it's just full of pictures of herself plus the sims 3, so it doesn't like to be speedy. My Mum went downstairs and came back up and said: "I've spoken to your Dad and we were wondering if you'd like your Birthday present early this year?" I freaked out and (of course) yelled YES and the next day my Dad took me to PC world and I now have a shiny new laptop. It was  £550 but was put down to £400, which is awesome! It's become my baby! XD

Which kinda leads me onto my next point. Has anyone seen Salad fingers? I stumbled across the videos yesterday and I think I'm screwed up for life, I sat there at 11pm last night with my face like this. O_O I still watched all the videos but I swear I had to watch so many funny videos afterwards to calm myself down! Just, here's the link to the first one, watch at your own peril:
I believe I'm done for now! Since I've got my laptop I'll be able to reply to stuff a lot faster because it isn't so painful to wait for it I just hit the on button and BAM!
So my three songs this week are:
Number 3: Clean Freak by Scop and sung by GUMI
To be honest I'm having a real hard time this week choosing, there's been such a good range of different songs uploaded in the past week or so! This song is just... and the PV...
Number 2: Electric Magic but 8#Prince and sung by the Kagamine Twins
It's just so cute, it really reminds me of PONPONPON or something to that effect. Cuteness all round!

Number 1: Hello Laughter buy Last Note and sung by Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, GUMI , IA and Lily.
Whenever I see a group of more than 3 vocaloids singing I freak out! I adore chorus songs and their voices all sound really realistic!



  1. I just saw the about me part where you mentioned me and I was like "AWWWW I'M LOVED" <3 <3

    1. Of course you are! You're the one who got me into it. So for my obsession I entirely blame you! XP Just kidding, I love you for it! <3

  2. 0-o why.


    LOOOOOOOTTTTTIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *glompsssss* ALL THE INTERNET HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just started school so sorry i haven't commented :(((( i'm so glad you got a new laptop!!!! Aren't they awesome??? You just have it alllll to yourself lol.

    Seriously, "Clean Freak" has changed my life. Well, maybe not literally, BUT IT'S JUST THAT GOOD. I've listened to it like, 50 times now. The message, the music, the animation... It's breathtaking. It really is an incredible piece of music. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING IT.

    I'M SO GLAD YOU SAW ROTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, doesn't it just change ur perspective on EVERYTHING???? I've taken to talking to the snow and the cold now. Like, "Hey Jack, how's it going?" and "Hey, Jack, you mind turning the freezing wind down FOR JUST A SECOND." Ha, ha. We just had snow all day so everything's white and pretty X333 But school wasn't cancelled for me. :< My brother and my father got to stay home, while I trudged through snow and mud and freezing rain that made my hair frizzy!!! DDDDX

    I HAVE seen the Code Lyoko episode!! Actually, right when you told me it was on Youtube haha. My French understanding isn't that amazing, but I could tell what was going on. It was great! I think they cast it really well. I also love the new animation! I <3 the actor who plays Ulrich, lol!

    I CAN'T WAIT TO BE A PART OF THE MEP GROUP. Honestly, I was in the shower yesterday, listening to "Clean Freak" and just made up an AMV in my head. I'm such a dork lol!

    [AH~ I'm going to Disneyland Paris this summer! This will be my tenth time at a Disney Park! I want you to coooome too! XD One day we'll meet at Disneyworld under the big castle and we can do the whole running toward each other in slow motion thing! XD] <-- This...made my day. This must happen. THIS MUST HAPPEN. Have so much fun at Disneyland!!!! <3333

    BTW! Universal Studios in Florida is getting rid of the Jaws ride in order to expand the Harry Potter Theme Park!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My puppy is VERY fluffy, hahaha, but she's actually brown. Hence, "Coco(a)" lol. Maybe I'll put a picture up!! I love golden retrievers tho!!! I love big dogs i wish i had one!! but coco is kind of jealous hahaha!

    anyway, I have a ton of homework (merh) so i have to go. But we shall meet (via the internet) again!!

    au revoir and bon chance!

    Sonny <333333333333

    1. Sonny (or Sio, I don't know which to call you anymore! XD)

      I'm so so so sorry for such a late reply! I have no idea where to send comments to you anymore! >_< Laptops are awesome!!!

      Salad fingers has ruined my life! XDI find it one of the freakiest things in the world!

      I don't know why clean freak wasn't my number 1 to be honest. I actually like it more than the other two but I had only discovered it about 10 minutes before I wrote that post! XD I wish I had been there with you to ask questions to the snow!!! I can see you now, trudging through all that snow and complaining to Jack Frost! ^-^

      I'm really behind on the Code Lyoko episodes! I have done nothing but school work for the past 3 weeks and I STILL haven't finished everything, barely made a dent in it....

      We finally got snow (it was only for 3 days but that's good enough). School was closed but they closed it AFTER I'd been there for an hour and I had to walk through the snow all the way home and the trains were all delayed and it took me about two hours, but it was worth the day off! :3

      WE WILL! THIS IS HOW WE WILL MEET! It has been decided. When I win the lottery I will pay for us to go to DisneyWorld and we can stay in the Grand Floridian hotel!

      NO WAY! We must go there too when we meet, I've never been to Universal. (I literally stayed at Disney World for 2 weeks when I was little, I think I refused to let my parents take me anywhere else on that holiday...)

      I love your dog's name!!! I want to hug her!

      I should be asleep right now... I need to get off of the internet!

      Bye bye!

      Lottie <3

  3. loottttiiieee!! *glomp*!!

    it's me ^^ (ur internet best friend!!)

    i made a new blog and got rid of my previous one.

    so i made sure you know because i love our letters to each other!


    i'm a little tired so sorry this isn't haha. and by that i mean happy and kind of crazy.

    have a great weekend!

    au revoir ma copine,


    1. SIIIIIIIIIIO! (I'm gonna have a hard time not calling you by your previous name! XD)

      Send me the link to your new blog! I want to see it so I can send you all my loves! I need to know where I can talk to you!

      I hope we can talk again soon! I'm sorry I haven't been on in ages!!!

      I loooooves you!!!

      Lottie! <3<3<3<3