Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Life can be fun!

Not an overly long post this week, I'm afraid! Not much has happened and I've just had homework to do! BLEH! It's (mostly) all done now, so I'm giving myself a well earned break.

I was in French yesterday and my teacher decided to have a debate. There were only three people in our lesson so it was the two other girls vs me. My teacher didn't want me to hear them as, well, I'd have apparently argued too well against them, so my teacher turned to me and said: do you have an iPod so you can listen to music, that way you won't hear them? My mind immediately went: vocaloid in French lesson? YES!

And so that has been the highlight of my past week! I'm going Christmas shopping on my own tomorrow so that might be fun!

Oh by the way, when I found out that the new Code lyoko series was in live action, I kinda reacted this way too! XD Now, I've seen the actors I'm FINE WITH IT!

I haven't been on YouTube these past few days because my Interne'ts been really slow! I got a letter today saying "we've upped your Internet speed, now you'll be able to download a film in the time it takes to make the popcorn!" I actually laughed as it's been slower now than it ever has been before! So this is the only new vocaloid song I discovered the past week, which I actually really like, so here it is:
An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness by t.Komine/Utata-P and sung by MAYU!
I really love her voice so much!

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  1. LOTTIE!!!! *huggs* I love how that's how we greet each other all the time, heehee!!

    I literally was crying from the hitler video!!! THAT IS SO TRUE!!! But at least they're bringing it back to life!!! And jeremie and aelita ARE SO SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER, STOOPIDS!!!! >:(((

    O-o send me link, please! I always liked will...or ulrich...which one had the dark spiky hair? haha!!

    !!! I'm SO sorry you had to suffer through a horrid disease like that!!!! People are so freaking gross!! But at least you got all of your weight back!!! I'd rather eat and be healthy than underweight. I hope that never happens to you again!!

    Haha, yeah I like a lot of different things X3 I do love the irony of cuteness and heavy metal songs tho! Hee hee!

    Best of luck on all of your acceptances!! College, like i said, is great. Hopefully you'll have a better learning experience, as college over here is just a bigger version of high school -_- ah, the immaturity.

    It's so funny you had a debate, because i just had one today!! I DID NOT SLEEP yesterday or today...I worked on an essay for my debate and had 0 time to prepare...my opponent's essay was 3 pages long...mine was 10!! I think i did a really good job though, as my collegues were impressed and my professor complimented me highly :3 good to know that i can sound that put together when i'm pulling stuff out of my a...er, ear! XD My opponent even told me she was afraid of going against me!! 0_o I guess we're jsut great debaters, heehee!!! XD

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR LA COCINELLE!!!! XDDD eeee!!! you have to let me know when it airs so i can watch it too!! XD

    *huggles back over the internet*!! Thanks! >///< i like my name, even though it means "dark" and "rich", when I'm really bright and sunshine-y!! (hence the internet name... ;3) but i LOVE yours. it sounds so...vintage and glorious and fab!! Like you were destined to go on an adventure to another world!! XDDD

    NO DISNEY FILMS?!?!?!?!?! *grabs wallet, runs all the way to aiport with nothing but a suitcase filled with disney movies* WE NEED TO WATCH THESE!!! I could not live w/out them!!! I feel for your breakdown!! I watch those films faithfully!!

    Right now I'm breaking out all of the Xmas movies!! XD the nutcracker is my favorite, and hopefully when this semester is over I can work on my otome game!! I'll let you know when I'm done so you can get a sneak peek XDDD

    Yes, I am now on deviantart!!! mwahaha!! no, im not on tumblr :( i have no time to be addicted to it right now. sadness.

    We WOULD get into a lot of crazy adventures together!! that's something to look forward to!! hee hee!!

    right now ive been watching slender videos even though im supposed to be getting ready for finals. SO FUNNAY. and so CREEPY!!! DX

    your comments make my day too!! we were meant to be bloggy friends!! XDDD

    lurv the song btw...but i didn't have to tell you that, did i? XD her voice is great!!

    anyway, i dooo have to go! au revoir ma copine!!

    <33333 sonny!!!

    p.s. i asked for a special game for xmas on the psp...there is a Jeanne D'arc game!!! XD she is my patron saint and I CANT WAIT TO PLAY IT!!! It's rated very highly!! 9/10! I saw her statue in both notre dame and orleans and i cried!!

    bye again~ <333333333

    Ack, it's probably like 2 in the morning over where you are right now...sorry! hee hee