Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas shopping: done.

So I finished my Christmas shopping! Wooo! (and have no money left!) However while I was doing le shopping I may have bought something for myself: Epic Mickey 2 for wii! I knew the original plan was that my parents were gonna get it for me for Christmas but they're toying with the idea of getting me a car, so I went out and got the game myself, while buying presents for everyone else, of course.

First of, it's REALLY good, I love how it has a co-op mode now because it means my sister can drop in and out whenever she wants (she's not so much as a hard core gamer as me...) The camera problems from the first game (in that it moves as it sees fit) is all gone!

There's also just SO MUCH MORE TO DO! I'm constantly being bombarded with quests, challenges, badge hunting, film reel hunting, costume hunting, looking for people, looking for metals, looking for cloth, looking for pigs, fixing train stations... and that's not even the HALF of the stuff to do ON TOP of the main quests. Really, this is gonna take a while!

They all speak too, apart from the Mad Doctor who sings (because after all what is a Disney product without  at least seven musical numbers)! After doing the first main section of the story there's a whole ten minute long happy ending video like the end of the first one, followed by the credits. Now I must say I didn't realise that I was nowhere near finishing it but I started freaking out: I've only played it 4 times! How can it already be finished?! Luckily for me, it's not, because a second load of bosses have emerged from the pits of wasteland, it's a classic Disney villain!

I don't want to give too much away so I'll stop now so I don't ruin it! >3<

In other news MAYU HAS FINALLY BEEN RELEASED! I have been waiting a looooong time for this to finally happen! A load of vocaloid producers have gathered together and made a CD consisting of 30 different songs, so here's my top 3 off of the album!

Number 3: Blood stained switch By mothy, sung by MAYU.

I love mothy, all his songs link together, it's like a mahoosive spiderweb of songs.
Number 2:  Escape from Dystopia by CosMo and sung by MAYU!
CosMo is another AWESOME producer! I can't believe how hard this is to decide between all the awesome songs!

Number 1: A lie and a stuffed animal by Dixie flatline and sung by (do I really need to say it again?) MAYU
It's just too adorable!  ...and then I read the lyrics...
Byesie bye!


  1. LOOOOOOOTTTTTTIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Frankly, I love this way of greeting each other X333

    I just finished 2 essay over the weekend and a math final! phew!! i'm completely off this week until my history final Friday. yay!! that means more FUN STUFF.

    thank you for the links!!! (>n_n)>(o_ov) *huggles* I will let you know what I think!!

    It's around 20:00 here right now! heehee!!

    I am loads better, thank you!! <333 Even more that THE SEMESTER IS OVER.

    I can't believe that bastard gave you a C!!!! >:OOOOOO Unacceptable!!!!!!!! I may have to go over to him and give him a piece of my mind!!!!! ):< How dare he!!! You'll show him, m'dear. You will be awesome!!! Informal my ass!!! WHO SPEAKS FRENCH FORMALLY ON A DAILY BASIS, HUH?! That's a good idea; just slap in some big words! You'll get 'em next time!!! I have faith in you!!

    I don't know what I got on my debate yet...all I know is that, yes, it was 10 pages. Ugh.

    Can't wait for code lyoko and la cocinelle!!!

    You seriously made me lol with your card story XD How dare it deny you the simple pleasures of a McFlurry!!!!!

    HOW IS EPIC MICKEY 2?!?!?! From your post, it sounds awesome. I'm SO glad they fixed the camera problem; it bugged me too!! So excited for that game!!!

    I need to walk down those precious roads O.O

    Weeping angels are...the most horrifying things out there. Besides ET. XD

    Um, our TV show would be freaking AWESOME!!! XDDD

    And I will glompity glomp you back!!!! *huggggggles!!!*

    i have no new news at the moment :( so i will say adios~

    YOUR (best) bloggy friend evar,



    P.s. My Little Pony Season 3 is out!! XDDDDD

    P.p.s. WATCH RISE OF THE GUARDIANS. IT'S FREAKING FANTASTIC!!! Also, type in 'jackunzel tumblr' on google...then proceed to thank me!! XD haha it's SO cute.

  2. Oh wait!! Songs = awesome!!!! But I didn't have to tell you that.

    look up 'odds and ends' sung by teto, cover done by cillia/kyaami. it's awesome!!!

    lots o' love!!

    Sonny (again!)

  3. lottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Belated Christmas!!!!


    How was yours?! I hope you had an awesome, fantastic, loverly time!!!!

    Mine was great, thank you!! A very close family member died :( So my vacation has not been the greatest. But Christmas was very good!! I got some video games and a movie and a book of Hans Christian Anderson's complete works!! XD Also clothes and a scarf and other stuff like that haha! Did you get everything you wanted???

    Oh, we also got the WiiU!!! XD I have to say, I am pretty beastly at the Luigi's Mansion attraction in Nintendo Land! That game is sooo much fun. My little brother and I have too much fun, it seems. Haha!!

    My family and I celebrate Christmas normally, I think. We had my father's family (my grandparents, my two aunts, and one of my aunt's daughter) come up from Florida, so that was really nice. We wake up in the morning, and before we open up presents we say "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus nestled in a little nativity scene we have in the foyer. :3 Then its all Christmas music and enjoying the gifts and a fire. We usually watch "It's a Wonderful Life" the day before. Haven't seen it? IT'S AMAZING. And that's it!! I spend most of the day playing video games haha!!

    I WANT TO SEE LES MIS!!! I'm going to see it one day...but things have been so hectic and I only have two weeks left before I have to go back to college. I also want to see the Cirque du Soleil movie!!

    CODE LYOKOOOOOOO!!! Omg I can't stand missing previews like that!! I always stick around for sneak peaks and stuff haha!!

    GREAT JOB ON YOUR PRESENTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you get a super duper A+++++++++++++++++++ on it!! You literally had me on the floor with your smooth comment!!! X333333 it was so adorable hahahaha!!!!

    And you so deserve a cookie X333

    I love that I'm a Frostitute. I carry the title proudly. XDDDD

    NO I DID NOT SEE THE DR. WHO SPECIAL!!! ;A; will i have time?!?!?! (even though I'm on vacation, it doesn't feel like one, if you know what i mean. IM SO BUSY).

    Ah, wowaka!! Enjoy it to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!

    I would see ROTG with you!!! T^T One day!!

    I have no news for you :( I've just been sleeping and trying to submit art on deviantart. Siiigh. I also am writing little stories for my friends...


    Oh, wait! I got KH DDD!!!!! I turned it on, squealed at the opening movie, and then when it got to the main menu, I kid you not, I just started SOBBING. I guess I haven't played KH games in a while, because the "Dearly Beloved" theme and even the button sounds and the little Mickey pointer hand and just...EVERYTHING was so nostalgic. I was crying so much that my parents ran into the room to find out what was wrong. All I could muster was "alfhjsdkghuebfjasdnfklajse!!!!!"

    Or something like that XD It sounded more like a wailing animal.

    It's so good so far, though!! It's just...idk all fuzzy feeling and nostalgic and fantastic!! XD

    Anyway, best of luck in everything ma copine!! hope you had a wonderful Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

    Avec amour,