Sunday, 25 November 2012

Too early to think up a title

Hiya everyone!

It's been about three weeks since my last post! Sorry! I didn't realise just how quickly life was going!

I've been super stressed out these past three weeks as there were quite a few bumps in the road trying to send of my application for university, but IT'S ALL GONE NOW!!! *happy dance* I've finally (two and a half weeks later than I wanted to be, thanks to my school...) applied to my five universities. Now I'm spending all my life checking my emails to find out if I've got any offers... I'm really worried they might see hwo bad I did in physics and be all "this girl is so stupid! Let's not take her!"

On saying that, it was probably poor judgment on my part to apply for a degree at a university that specialises in science... (Just to make it clear I'm applying for French!
^-^) So, let's just see how that goes!

So other than the panicking and endless amounts of French homework I should be doing right now, I've been working and it's one week left until I get paid! I'll be getting about £90 and when I worked out how much I was gonna spend on people for Christmas... I pretty much have nothing left. On the plus side, I have double shifts around Christmas and won't be paid until the first of January so all that money can go on me... I'm saving up for the next MCM in May. This time, I'm going in proper cosplays for both days WITH early entrance... Since I'll be paying for it all myself! Mwahahahaha!

Oooh, also we've got Lovefilm! It's brillliant! We get unlimited streaming of films as well as being able to rent games! And the anime section of the website literally makes me drool. I've rented out Final Fantasy XIII and I played it for the first time yesterday! I kept wanting to buy it but whenever I previously got money one of my friends so carelessly felt the need to have a birthday so all my money got spent on presents! NOT ANYMORE!!! *cough* Got to stop thinking about money, it's not a good habit...

Also, after Christmas I'm learning how to drive! My parents keep arguing whether to buy me a car or get me driving lessons. I sit there crossing my fingers for a car but they're expensive and I'd have to run it myself. Oh dear, I know where my wages are going! To be honest, I wouldn't care if I did have to spend my wages I'D HAVE A CAR! >_< All the places I could go!

Well, I need to wrap this up before the laptop runs out of battery so my top three vocaloid songs this week are:

Number three: This is the happiness and peace of mind society.
Creepy, just creepy.

Number 2: The Transient Apple salesgirl.
Cute Gumi song is cute.

Number 1: 1,2 fanclub


  1. lottie!!!

    good luck with university stuff!! YAY FOR FRENCH!! college is so much fun hope you enjoy!!!

    also, Im wishing for your car, haha!!! hope you get it!!

    i cant listen to ur loverly songs right now b/c i am currently at the campus center of my college with mes copains haha and it's gonna be a little weird to blast vocaloid songs right now heehee!!!

    anyway, i have to go to class soon and help my friends convince one of us that SKYDIVING is not a good idea for break. Ha ha!!

    Also, KH3 is a DEFINITE YES!!!!! it's happening!!! yeeeeee!!!

    j'adore ma copine!!!

    <3 sonny

    ps. looooove ur real name :DDDD sooo pretty!!!

  2. A NEW CODE LYOKO SERIES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    Yet another reason to move to France!!!!!

    Bonjour ma belle copine!!

    First off...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! *massive huggles and girlish squealing*. I'm so happy you got a university response!!!!!!!! XDDDD Isn't it such a nice feeling??? Several wanted moi (that sounds so snooty, haha) but I was only interested in two. Now I'm in one! haha! So excited for you!!!! BEST OF LUCK!!! BUENA SUERTE!!!!

    I feel so special being the first to know!!! muwahaha!!

    Also, I love you comment about Hugh Jackman and his lips.

    I do believe your name is MUCH prettier than mine. I luuurve it!! It's so pretty and majestic sounding, haha! Like a princess or a duchess name!!

    And yes!!! We will, one day, dress up in loli costumes and watch anime and Disney!!!!! Check 2 posts before this; there's information on the newest Disney animated princess movie: 'Frozen'!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

    I'm so glad you like Gravity Falls!!!!!! It's such a good show I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO COME BACK ON TV. Arrrrgggh Disney why must you keep us in suspense?!?!?!
    Muwahahahaha I got you into something else }:3 Mwee hee hee. Now you gotta do the same and get me addicted to something!!!

    Hee hee; love your ipod story. Sounds like various events in my life. XD

    Thanksgiving was gooood, thank you!! The food was soo delicious (drooling).

    Sadly, however, I got sick :( No one on campus washes their goddamn hands, apparently. I had to miss classes yesterday AND today!! And I have so. much. work. 0_0 I don't know how I'm still alive--really. *cries*

    I SAW RISE OF THE GUARDIANS. It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Jack Frost = <3333333333333333333333

    Oh, I so hear you on the not studying thing. I have to finish (cough cough...start) my portfolio due tomorrow. :) but insteads i am here. Yaaais I'm such a good example.

    As for my trip...all will be revealed (~OvO)~ *magical arm wave*

    You ARE my best friend on the internet!! XD Talking to you always makes my day!!!

    Love, love, lurv

    BUT YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING!!!!!!!! hee hee!