Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hiya everyone!

Firstly, Blogger has very kindly deleted EVERYONE'S blogs off of my reading list, which was nice of them! Now I have to find the blogs I was following again... -_-

Secondly, now that's out of the way! I got my job! Yay! I had three shifts already this week and when I got home I was too lazy to get on a computer, so I'm sorry this post is a good week late! I work in a tiny little shop in my local town and it sells looooads of little itsy bitsy things like wooden hearts, photo frames and other cute things! The place smells soooo good as it sells incense and oil burners. The Christmas ones are on sale now so the whole store smells like cinnamon, I was wiping my mouth every 3 minutes! XD

Moving onto the main theme of this post: MY TRIP TO MCM LONDON COMECON!!!

I got up super duper early (6AM, so not that super early) and put my entire cosplay on. I got a few funny looks at the train station. Just to let everyone know I was the only one in the train station for a while, in my bright green Gumi wig. I looked all awkward and hilarious as everyone who passed me gave me a look like "what the hell is she doing?!" Luckily it wasn't too long before we were all on the train.

When we got there it still had two hours before it opened... So we sat at practically the front of the queue, there were about thirty people in front of us. Considering we had two whole hours to wait the time went really quickly! I was happy to sit there and just watch everyone walk past in their cosplays, there were so many Slendermen, vocaloids and Pedo bears.

Haven't got any pictures as I have no camera at the moment... which was depressing. I only took £70 with me and now I want more stuff! All I bought was a ASDF T-Shirt which says "I am a Stegosaurus" on the front, an adorable bag with Chibi Miku, Len and Rin on the front, and a copy of Angel Beats which only cost £10 (which works perfectly, I was sure there was something wrong with it at that price but it's an official certificated copy!)

I was gonna queue up for all the celebrities but the queue's were massive and some of them were charging £15 for an autograph. I walked away after seeing one person... There was loads of other stuff to do so I walked around for ages! There was no way to finish it all in one day!

I got sooo many hugs from people and a couple of people yelled "GUMI!" when I walked past before tackle glomping me, I felt so famous! ^-^ I have to say though, I glomped my fair share of people too, especially the Lens, Soras and Roxases.

There were so many dances going on too, I missed the caramelldansen (p*ssed off! XD) I was buying stuff and didn't make it there on time... There was a guy there dressed as a big speaker and Gangnam style was playing on repeat... all day long, people started to follow this guy round, he got a good crowd of about one hundred people following him around, me amongst them.

I went to a vocaloid meetup and met so many AWESOME people who I'll definitely stay in contact with. At the moment I'm debating whether or not to go to hyper Japan at the end of the month but I don't think I could afford another trip to a con for a while...

All in all I'd say it was practically the best day of my life! I loved all the people there and all the stuff was awesome! Next time I think I'll go for an extra day and spend one day meeting people and the other day shopping! Now that I have my new job think of all the stuff I'll be able to buy at the next one in May *drools*. Once Christmas is done I'll start saving up for MCM MAY! I want more things!

Onto my top 3 vocaloid songs this week:

Number 3: SeeU's Gangnam style:
I discovered this about 3 hours ago AND IT'S HILARIOUS!!!
Number 2: World Calling by Jin and sung by IA
I have a ridiculous amount of love for IA, I LOVE her voice! She's just so adorable that I want to hug her all the time! She's so sweet!
Number 1: Ama no Jaku, originally by 164 and GUMI, sung by Mayu
Mayu is Exit Tunes's upcoming new vocaloid, announced in May earlier this year. I found the demo a while back but I completely forgot about it, a couple of days ago I started to wonder if she had been released yet, so I went back and listened to it this week and it's ended up being my FAVOURITE song at the moment, I can't wait until her official release in December (I think...) I love her artwork and her little nasally voice, even if she does wield an axe!
With that I bid you all farewell, have a nice week! 


  1. oh, my god, I just tried to write you a comment and it DELETED. ;_; I don't even remember what I wrote!! DDDDDX

    So glad you had fun at mcm!!! Aren't the people there the coolest?? I wish i stayed longer at mine and made more friends!!! I LOVE ASDF I am sooo jealous of your shirt XDDD

    Awesome vids, btw!! IA's voice is so nice, and I didn't even know about Mayu!! I'm so excited!! Thanks for letting us know!!! XD

    I can't believe you're 5'9"!! 0,o I'm barely 5'3"!! I wish I was tall :( I look like I'm 14, at least you probably look your age...or older! The other day, I was out to lunch and the guy who was taking my order asked me if i was skipping school!! I was like, "I have classes in the afternoon." COLLEGE CLASSES. He was all, "Oh, I thought you were in high school." Wah T^T But I'm sure you'd look cute in loli clothes!! If not, you could pull of some seriously gorgeous gowns or other elaborate anime costumes! I'm pretty much stuck as Misty, haha!

    I too watch people's reaction to amnesia!!! Did you ever see the video where this kid and his sister get their mom to play? Her reaction is HYSTERICAL!!! Pewdiepie is my most-watched YouTuber, haha! I watch a lot of the games he plays, and his reactions to slendermen are AWESOME!! So are his reactions to this game 'Grey' that he plays. TOO FUNNY.

    That's cool that your dad likes civil war stuff! I, personally, think it was one of the silliest things the US has done. The US loves war, let's face it. The only good thing to come out of the pointless manslaughter was Lincoln and the end of slavery, and even then there were evils. :(( Ugh. But I think the first all-African American regiment was created then, and it was formed here in good ol MA! So maybe there's something here for you all to see XDDD

    Thanks for liking the pumpkin cursor!! X3 I like how I changed the Ink'd Out Banner at the top of the blog! Muwahaha.

    Your welcome for the nightmares XD Hee, hee!

    That's so sad that your neighbors closed the doors 0,o. People who do that here get there houses egged! (I've never done that, but there are some crazy ass people that come out on Halloween. Or just any day in general. Pardon mon francais, si'il vous plait. ha, ha)

    My family has Sunday dinners, too. i think moments like that are special and important. also, the food is deliciousss. Hee hee!

    Well~ I must be off, b/c I should get to working. I just like commenting!! XD But my comments are more like letters... hrm. haha! Hope everything is going great over there across the pond! I am SO excited for Wreck-It-Ralph, which just came out but I can't see it yet!! noooo!!

    Your name might be obvious to you but right now I'm having a major brain fart. 'Cottie' doesn't sound like a real name...but if it is, then hi!! XD If my guess is soo off, please don't be upset, haha! I've never really been that great at guessing. But maybe I'll just not guess, so you can keep your name a secret! :3

    I'm glad you're looking forward to my France post! I will be sure to work on it further...there is SO MUCH TO SAY. And a lot of pictures. Like, try 3,000. I'm not kidding, and that's just on my iPod. I'm missing pics of Roissy en France and the Eiffle Tower and stuff!! But it will be posted~

    Thanks again for your comments!! Glad you had an awesome time!! I'm excited for the mep group...hope I can squander enough time to do my part!!

    Au revoir, ma copine!

    Sonny <3 (P.s., my name starts and ends with an 'A'! XD And there's one in the middle!! Bonne chance!!)

  2. Lottie!! <3

    A-ha!! Your name }:3

    I love the picture of the Native American I found and posted. Oh, yum. Yummie yum yums. I need to get meself a Native American man haha!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the videos!! XD Not gonna lie, I usually post these vids for you so we can squee about them!!!

    I'm supposed to be designing t-shirts right now for psyh club, but instead I am commenting!! i'm such a model student! DON'T USE ME AS A ROLE MODEL. Hee hee. Actually, I'm probably the goodiest goody two shoes EVAR. And I'm pretty sassy X3 Sometimes. Heehee!


    I, too, am in a bind, and cannot purhcase what I would like. DAMN YOU WORLD, WHY MUST YOU COME OUT WITH SO MANY AMAZING BUT RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE THINGS?!?!?!?!?

    Maybe one day we can go to mcm in lollie costumes!! XD You'd prob look sooooo pretty in a Victorian dress with your height O,o

    Ooooo Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites just came on my iPod!! \m/>,<\m/ *rawk on*

    Btw, I think I peed a little from laughing at your pigeon incident. That's a lil awkward announcing that, but I just laughed too hard!! I'd have a similar reaciton, lol, except I'd probably fall too and take my computer with me!! XDDDD

    I think you are well on your way to guessing my name ;) Yes, the next letter is a D. The third letter is an R. Hope that helps X33333333

    Tomb Raider does look srsly good.

    And hahahahahaha!!! I love that you like my new mouse icon!! XD Sadly, it does not do any magic :((( Boos. But I can totally see why you would think that, haha!!!

    Here is the link, hope you enjoy it! And gasp, Lottie! Doing that to your poor mother. For shame X33333

    i know it's kind of suggestive, but I luved when the sister said "when everything gets all big and bulgy" X3 pffft. My mother would have done similarly, and then proceed to say some very bad things in spanish, haha!

    Anyway, sadly, I do have to go :( I will be back, however!

    Thanks for your wonderful comments!! It's like we're pen pals...but bloggers! XD ...No? ...Yes? Hrm. Hee hee!


    <333 Sonny (Or A***a**a :D)