Sunday, 28 October 2012

Just a quick post!

Hiya everyone. It's late and I should really be in bed early because I have a job interview tomorrow, so I'll have to be fast!

Firstly London Comecon was AWESOME and I'll do a full post either tomorrow or the next day, this isn't gonna have any vocaloid songs of the week... because it's late and I'm lazy but I promise I'll do it tomorrow!

Basically I just wanted to give you a linky link to my new mep group I'm starting!
If anybody wants to join feel free, just leave a comment on this post or on the actual video!

Lots of love



  1. LOTTIE!!! X3333

    amahzing vocaloid songs as usual~

    HOW WAS THE CON?!?!?!?!

    Haha I ALSO went to my first con super early--i think around 2 hrs as well!!! It was around 3 hrs away from where I live, so I wanted to get a move on. Plus, I heard horror stories about the lines there, and even though I pre-registered, I seriously didn't want to wait.

    It was AMAZING!! Again, I went as Misty and so many people screamed my name and wanted to hug me and take pictures and stuff. It was a little embarassing and flattering at the same time, since I literally spent like $5 on the whole I needed were the red suspenders. (I also just wore a t-shirt b/c I am NOT that comfortable with my stomach showing like Misty lets it hang all out. Ahem.) But really, the way people lit up when they saw me was almost like I was the real gal herself, stepping out of the anime like a boss.

    there were SO MANY FREAKING KH cosplayers when i went. more organization xiii and everything. so many of em posed to form the organization for pictures. that was cool. also, this one guy dressed as No Face kept coming up to me to offer "gold". It was cool the first time, but after a few more instances it was gettin' a lil creepy. Ha, ha! He was a good sport tho.

    I saw so many loli costumes too. They were SO KAWAII~~~~ I was verily jealous.

    Missed two of my fave voice actors. Wah.

    I spent the crux of my time there just going around the buyers center and looking at SO MUCH STUFF. I spent a lot, but I really wish I had known more about manga and anime when I went. All I really knew were some magical girls and shojou stuff, no FMA or anything. I wish I did, cuz now I rly want an Ed doll.

    I bought a lot of manga--they were good, but now I kind of regret them. There are so many I would like now that I could have gotten then! oh well. And Sora's necklace, which I still wear faithfully. (As one can wear it in college without looking like the total geek that I am). An OHSHC bag, an OHSHC wall tapestry, which hangs in our game room :)), two buttons, and something else that I can't remember. My lil bro got around 10 plush dolls, while I only have one mew doll, a keyblade necklace, and a heartless hat which rocks my socks.

    I spent a sh*tload of money. Therefore I am banned from attending any more cons. For now... MWAHAHAHA.

    But I had a lot of fun. I also wish I could have spent the three days there, but it fell on Easter weekend, and even anime is not more important than God in my book. But alas~!

    I would love to go now, however, since I am a much stronger fangirl than I once was. If you ever DO get to come to America, (PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE), itd be SO MUCH FUN to go to one with you!!!! XD But maybe I can make it to London and go to mcm with you!!! XD Maybe I can cosplay as River Song. I have her hair :))))))

    Anyway, hope you had a wonderful time, can't wait to hear about it! I have no idea what a mep group is but I will join anyway because that's how awesome I am X3

    If you DO come to America, lemme know!!! XD If it is alright with your parents I would LUUUUURV to meet you!! I live in good ol' Massachusetts where all that crappy pilgrim and revolutionary stuff started. Yah. Ah, well. There is not much to do here, what with Six Flags closed and all, but maybe we can meet~ One day!!!!!!!

    And if it doesn't happen, at least we know we were 'that close'!! ha, ha!!

    Anyway I really do have to go because I have to work on a research paper that is due Wed (do NOT follow my example) and Hurricane Sandy is going to hit so I have to squeeze as much research in as I can before we lose power or something.

    Good luck on your job interview!! XD hope you get it!! knock em dead!!!

    Avec amour,
    Sonny <3

    ( real name begins with an A! ;D)

  2. oh haiiii again!

    let me just *join* your group officially by following your guidelines under the video...

    Okaiii my nickname will be Sonny. :)

    Um I think I'll be...Miki. What do you think? I would like Miku but I think look more like Miki... I also like Namine Ristu, but he's a guy...

    I'll be Miki!!

    My favorite song ever is The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku. It used to be Pacakged, but TDoHM has more emotion.

    Group name..?


    Well, let me know what qualifies as a group name, and what you would like, and we can tots work on it together!!

    So I'm off! I'm going to work now (and not look up mep group on google!!)

    Bye! XD

  3. happy post-halloween, lottie!!

    yes, i know...i can't believe i like a jb song now. when i put it on my ipod i was like...crap, there's no going back now haha.

    that's so cool you might be going on a US roadtrip!! if you don't come to new england, i really suggest New Mexico and Arizona. I've been to both and i LOVE it over there. its gorgeous; very earth-tone and laid back, and both states are rich in culture. I got to go horseback riding in the desert, and stuff my face with mexican honey bread, and see the grand canyon. the hotels there are awesome and the nature there is spectacular. i haven't been everywhere in the us, but i definitely think those places are great. California would be nice, too. and florida has FANTASYLAND!!!! Massachusetts doesn't have anything right now :( but i think Boston has whale-watching at this time of year!

    I like the US, it's nice. it's just different from Europe, for real. I love Europe. My dad really, really enjoyed England when he and my mom went for their honeymoon--they went to England, France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland!!! I wasn't born yet, haha! i wasn't even thought up yet! :D--and he wants to go back soon. France was gorgeous tho; my next post will be all about my trip, and you'll see pictures of...ME!! XD it's also funny how your mom's favorite movie and my mom's favorite movie is a good year. It must mean we ARE twins somehow! ha, ha!

    I'd love to meet, but MA could be out of your way :( We're just gonna have to plan another time!! XD

    I know what you mean about people being SUPER FRIENDLY at cons. It's like you make instant friends, just add fandoms, haha. I can't wait to go to another one, and for more time than one day--it's too short!!

    I had my dad to rely on for money >_> haha. Collectively, tho, with what i bought and my bro bought, was...a staggering amount. Including the fare, I think, to get in to the con. I forgot to tell you, i did go to a plush doll workshop, and tried to make an ike doll!! XD

    he's not done, after all these years. he's got his body and his hair and his bandana...and his marker face wiped off...but he has not pants. his shirt is on, but i still didn't make him pants XD he's currently in a hatbox in my room, haha!!

    I WISH I HAD A LIFE-SIZED KEYBLADE. I'd go to town with that thing.

    I'm excited for the mep group!! XD bring on the video editing!

    Thanks for being worried! *huggles* We're okay though, thank goodness. NY got hit really hard though, and so did NJ. around 60 or 70 people have been reported dead, but to me, just one person is too much :(((

    I did freak out a little bit Monday, because I was talking on the phone with a friend and the power surged for like a split second. It was like "blah blah blah...woah." ha, ha. but we're okay!

    My name has four syllables. (spell fail?) :D it's a little bit uncommon. I was named after a spanish celebrity who was a born-again Christian--don't ask me why; my mom wanted to name me that. My dad wanted to name me Maria, haha. So typical !! X3

    But don't submit my name just yet!! I might have a contest in the future...and I won't tell you what the prize is XD it's a surprise. I just have to get really good at what I'm going right now...which is also a secret! XD

    anyway, thanks for the comment, as always. I'm actually on campus right now, and *should* be finishing a paper, but I got sidetracked!

    hope you had a great halloween, if you celebrate it!

    i didn't get to go trick-or-treating :( i didn't have a costume, and I preferred to stay home and watch "The Wizard of Oz" with my family like we do every year. Don't ask why, haha.

    Wow, this is a really long comment. I'll go now! Hope you have a great week!

    <3 Sonny

  4. Oh my goodness! I bet you had a super awesome time at that London Comecon! I would love to go to ANY convention that's located in a place with a decent population. I bet there are so many fun things to do there! I can't wait to see your full post so I can get an idea of what it was like. I can at least have fun IMAGINING it. 8D

    And good luck with your job interview! They're always nerve-wracking experiences (at least for me, they are) since my nervousness makes me rant like no tomorrow. XD

    And also I want to give you a good luck with your mep group! It sounds like a lot of fun! Although I've never made a video in my life on youtube or done anything that would make me worth joining so I shall be waving in the sidelines cheering. =D I can't wait to see everything!