Sunday, 28 October 2012

Just a quick post!

Hiya everyone. It's late and I should really be in bed early because I have a job interview tomorrow, so I'll have to be fast!

Firstly London Comecon was AWESOME and I'll do a full post either tomorrow or the next day, this isn't gonna have any vocaloid songs of the week... because it's late and I'm lazy but I promise I'll do it tomorrow!

Basically I just wanted to give you a linky link to my new mep group I'm starting!
If anybody wants to join feel free, just leave a comment on this post or on the actual video!

Lots of love


Monday, 22 October 2012


So... That's all I'm talking about... all the time!
My wig has arrived and I picked up my train tickets this morning after school! (I had ONE lesson today!)
London MCM here I come!

To prepare myself for this event I have written myself a list of stuff which MUST be done in the one day I'm there! So here it is!

Get there.
Go straight to the vidcon section.
Find tomska.
Get him to sign my shoes. (long story)
Find Matt.
Get him to sign my shoes.
Find the Eddsworld team.
Get them all to sign my shoes.
Buy some sh*t.
Wander over to games section.
Pray something about Kingdom Hearts will be there.
Find some Kingdom Hearts cosplayers and steal them take photos with them.
Go to the anime section.
Meet Ali Hillis.
Get her to sign my shoes.
Meet Liam O Brien.
Get him to... yup.
Spend two hours there buying more STUFF!
Lunch should be in here somewhere but AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO' THAT!
Go to Memorabilia.
Get to the Vocaloid Meet.
Dance with everyone!
Take ten tonnes of pictures.
Realise there's only an hour left.
Freak Out.
Wonder why I didn't save up more and go all three days.
Rush round and do everything I forgot to do.
Refuse to leave.
Get kicked out.
Cry on the steps of the Excel.
Get on the train.
Go home.

Yeaaaah. I'm never going to magaged all of this. This is just the stuff I wanna do... and I'm bringing Three friends with me! XD

Moving swiftly on: Top Three Vocaloid songs!

Number 3: Stop Nagging Me! By Owata-P (If i remember rightly?) and sung by Akita Neru.
Yes. I know she's not a vocaloid but UTAU'S SONGS ARE JUST AS EQUALLY AMAZING! So she's here.
Number 2: Don't kill the Love song. Pinnochio-P sung by Miku!

I'll tell you why in Number 1.

Number 1:  Weekly shonen BYE BYE!! Also by  Pinnochio-P and sung by Miku
This video popped up in my subscriptions and got me listening to  Pinnochio-P again. I haven't listened to anything by him/her (I don't know?!) in a while and I really love the quirky songs along with their AMAZING videos!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A couple of bits of good news!

Good afternoon!

I am very well aware that I missed a post last week, and was late with this one! (I'm sorry everybody). Unfortunately I spend all my time doing French work, so far in the six weeks we've been back I've had no less than 30 pieces of French homework, plus essays for my other two subjects! I spent 5 hours doing it yesterday and have been given another 4 hours worth due tomorrow. To top it off I left my USB stick, with my personal statement for university entry on it, at school!

I had a little mental breakdown then decided to give up and blog instead.

But enough with the bad news because I've got some good news next!

Good News Number One: The arrival of Paramount Pictures

Yup, I'm really excited for this! About 2-ish hours away from where I live, in a place called Kent, plans have been made for a Paramount Pictures theme park, said to be bigger than Disneyland Paris! Of course, I shall always be a Disney girl for life  but I'm glad the UK is finally getting and actual THEMED theme park. I mean, we've got Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and the like but no actual movie themed parks at ALL!
Opening in 2018 (ages away) and will include Europe's Biggest EVER water park!

Look at it! Six years to go! ^-^ I'll be all moved out and done with uni by then so... that's a long ol' while!

Good News Number Two: MCM IS IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!

This is really what I'm excited for! My very first proper anime/comics/games convention! I'm so very excited! I'm kinda bummed though as my parents aren't entirely fond of me being... well... a downright anime geek and so wouldn't let me fork out a fair amount of money on cosplay. (I was looking at full Gumi cosplay for about £150...) So I decided to keep it simple and do a Rolling Girl cosplay but as Gumi (because she's awesome!)
The line up is a thing of awesomeness. Matt Smith is there on the Friday only but I have school that day! So I'm going on the Saturday instead! However I felt immediately better upon finding out that some of my favourite people will be there: Ali Hillis, who plays Lightning in Final Fantasy; Liam O'Brien, who plays Gaara *fangirls*, Tomska (ASDF MOVIES FTW!), the cast and crew of Eddsworld (sadly minus Edd, He'll never be forgotten, that Internet legend!) and the guy who sculpted Darth Vader's mask (I forgot his name)

I suppose I should wrap this up and go back to panicking about life!

So this weeks top 3 vocaloid songs are:

Number 3: Rolling Girl by wowaka, sung by Miku!

Because of my upcoming cosplay, I've been listening to this song a lot lately and just casually having a boogie!  A classic vocaloid song! I just need to finish my skirt and get some eyeshadow without sparkles (because funnily enough bruises look a LOT less real when they are glittering!)
Number 2: Slow Paced Chaser by morlbon, sung by Megurine Luka
Possibly may have posted this before, I remember talking about it somewhere before now... Anyhow, I never really liked Luka at first, it took me ages to start liking her songs. However I really do like her voice! I love the little clock in this and the absolutely adorable artwork!  

Number 1: A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night by kemu and Sung by IA
The second IA song I ever heard and, unlike Luka (sorry Luka I love you now) I loved her right off the bat. This song is my personal favourite and I can't believe I've never posted it before! It's one of those songs I can NEVER EVER get sick of! I just love it so much!

Bye bye everyone! I promise to post on time next week!
                              -Love Lottie!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Drumroll please!

I would have posted a couple of days ago, but Doctor Who finished and I was a lil' bit sad! D':  BUT OSWIN IS COMING BACK GYAAAA! (It was in the ending, so NOT a spoiler*

So, I MUST inform everyone of my tip-top-super-duper-brand-new NEWS! (Well, I found it out about a week ago...)

Ahem, just... watch the video!

KINGDOM HEARTS FREAKING 1.5, a HD remake of Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, containing scenes from 358/2 days. I knew this was coming, but no-one believed me! Nobody! They all thought I was mad! Mad I tell you! Mad! HEHEHEHE!

So I'm now glad I bought my playstation 3, because I was beginning to get a little bored of LittleBigPlanet, Trinity Universe and Tomb Raider (the only games I ever play...) and I'm finally glad there's a new (-ish) game for the PS3, because the stupid things won't play PS2 games and I only bought it because I wanted to play KH2 after my PS2 died.

Due for release sometime in 2013 in Japan, but you know, US and European fans will riot if this is not announced within the next few months... I honestly hope Square Enix knows what's good for them! *Evil Grin*

Watch the video, Google it, Fangirl: this SHOULD be the next week of your life!

I'm a very happy fangirl!


So this weeks top 3 Vocaloid songs are:

Number 3:  Black board.

Number 2: Deep Sea City

Number 1: Akatsuki Arrival

Apologies for not writing who it's by, etc. but I really have to go!
Love Lottie <3
PS, I'm thinking of starting a Vocaloid MEP group but I'm not sure.