Friday, 21 September 2012

I'm so tired... so very tired.

Hi everybody! Today I was gonna do another review but two in a row may be a bit boring!

So instead I'm gonna do something I promised to do a little while back! Ok, so a couple of posts ago Sonny commented this:

So! Some questions:

Who's your favorite Pretty Cure character?

Who's your favorite Alice in the Country of Hearts guy? (Mine's Julius, all the way. LOVE HIM.)

Culd you make a list of your fave manga? That'll be my nextest post, I think...

Oh, and fave anime characters!!

Only cuz anime fanz rule and I like to know these things!! X3 Or not, you know, your choice... v///v

So for today I have decided to do this!

Ok, so Question 1: Who's your favorite Pretty Cure character?

I'm gonna have to say Nozomi/Cure Dream, I just love how fun she is and she loves food as much as I do! I really love her as a character and I have to say I've changed my mind, Splash star was my favourite series but when I went back and watched them all again I decided That Yes! Precure 5 is my favourite.

Question 2: Who's your favorite Alice in the Country of Hearts guy?

Peter, just because I find him adorable! I constantly find myself staring at the pages with him on it! Yelling at Alice whenever she says he's annoying! Of course, him in his bunny form is also Squee-worthy! I would follow him forever!  \(>///-///<)/

Question 3: Culd you make a list of your fave manga?
Aaaaand with that, every manga I've ever read has fallen out of my brain...

Alice in the Country of Hearts
Ouran High School Host Club
Sailor Moon
Hatsune Mix!
1/2 Prince (Technically not a manga)
Vampire Knight
Prétear (I actually managed to find the entire series at my library!)
Naruto (Although it took me aaaaaaaages...)
Shounen Dolls
I've recently started reading yotsubato! It's good.

I could add more, but we'd be here all night! In fact normally about ten seconds after hitting "Publish" I'll be smacking myself for forgetting something...

Question 4: Oh, and fave anime characters!!
Ok, I'll do a top ten (but it's so haaaaaaaard!)
In no particular order:

Kanade from Angel Beats!
Yuri from Angel Beats
England from Hetalia
Konata from Lucky Star
Hina-Ichigo from Rozen Maiden
Tomoya from Clannad
Nana from Elfen Lied
Otonashi Yuzuru From Angel Beats. (As you may have guessed by now, it's my favourite anime!)
Naoi from Angel Beats
Rakka from Haibane Renmei

Ok, I hope that was enough for you, Sonny (my new twin!!! ^-^).

So I'll move on to this weeks top three vocaloid songs!

Number 3: Dear Mother, sung by Miku, I forget who it's by.
I found this absolutely adorable! I loved it! It made my go downstairs and hug my Mum right away!

Number 2:   Straying Rhapsody, by, well, that's the point of the song, we have to guess who it's by! Sung by Lily, Gakupo and GUMI!!!!

This weeks Number 1 song is: Sorry to You by FeiP. Sung by Gumi and featuring Luka in le background! I find it funny how Gumi always gets one-sided love songs! This guy deserves a kick! Gumi is easily my favourite Vocaloid. I only started listening to her a lot after I took three different personality quizzes and was told I'm most like Gumi. I hope you like this song!

I wish you all a pleasant week! (I'm trying to do weekly updates from now on!) 


  1. Hi! I came here to look around your blog after I found your comment! It's really helpful! XD

    Anyways, I couldn't help but notice this! I'm so behind on Vocaloid songs. I need to start looking those up and getting back up to date about it. ;____;

    And did you know that Alice in the Country of Hearts is an Otome game on the PSP? I'm not sure if it's released in English, but I haven't seen it around. D8< I wish I could be more up to date about them since I heard that PSP games are more satisfying than PC ones.

    But I'm so happy to know there are other people who know about Alice in the Country of Hearts~<3 Well, I'm off to go look around your blog and thanks for the comment, it made my day! 8D

  2. Ahh, lottie!!! *huggles*

    Thank you for your comment, as always. You don't have to keep apologizing though! I'm just happy for the comments!!!!

    Thank yuo for answering my questions as well! I love Nozomi as well!! XD

    I can't believe you like Pretear too!!! I thought I was the only one who knew about it!!! Who's your favorite character?! Mine is Hayate!! X3333

    @ just_alice_in_wonderland: I've always wanted the Alice otome game!!!! I love otome games (hee hee) but it's NOT IN ENGLISH YET!!! DX One day, hopefully!

    Amazing songs, as usual!! XD

    Oh and thanks for letting me know what post got you into Vocaloids!! That's actually a minor one of mine I had sooo many before that. My second-evar post was all on vocaloids and explaining what they are and all of that jazz! I want the new Project Diva game on the PSP...and they're coming out WITH A FOURTH ONE that contains...drumroll plz...WORLD'S END DANCEHALL sung by Luka and Miku and the video is AWESOME. Here's a link!!

    btw, sooo getting into utauloid covers now. My favorite is Namine Ritsu!! (so far)

    Glad you liked my recent post!! XD


    Anyway, I have to get to some work so I'll talk to you later!!

    <3 Sonny *huggies*