Friday, 17 August 2012

My return from the land of the frogs

I've spent practically a month in France, during which time I've been bitten 40 times by mosquitoes, stung by a wasp, fell down the stairs and woke up to find a scorpion in the kitchen... but apart from that it was amazing and it was so hot, makes a nice change from clouds and rain!

So now comes the great challenge: it's time to learn how to drive. I hit 17 and now I'm applying for a provisional licence, which costs £50, most my birthday money... Oh joy of joys! Time to get a job. Not gonna keep moaning though, considering I was given a kindle from my parents and crammed it full of books.

During my time away I've missed the Olympics and also the release of the new Kingdom Hearts game (which I wouldn't have bought anyway since I don't own a 3DS, boo hoo!) However I drowned my sadness by playing both games for the DS and immersing myself in vocaloid. No DVD play so I couldn't watch any of the animes I took with me... but I had more than enough books to keep me going!

Come September I'm officially in my last year of school, then university. I'm going to work a lot harder next year than I have done this year, but the best thing about this year is:  I NEVER HAVE TO DO PHYSICS AGAIN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! I got my AS results through this morning in the post, I got a D in physics, but it's a pass and that's all I need.

So my mini anime review today will be Rozen Maiden. No, Sonny, I'm not Peach pits biggest fan either and I haven't read it, but I really did enjoy the anime. I absolutely adored the way it was animated and the abandoned doll world early on the anime gave me the creeps. It revolves around a boy named Jun who stopped going to school after an "embarrassing incident" and stays at home and buys stuf of the internet all day. One day he gets a message saying to place a piece of paper in his desk to order and he does so. Shortly afterwards a doll arrives, after winding the doll up it comes to life and tells him her name is Shinku. In total we find out there are seven official Rozen Maiden dolls, each given a rosa mystica and they must fight each other over these rosa mysticas in order to be able to meet their maker ( as in, the person who made them, not God). I decided to watch it because I like anime and manga with dolls in them (on the other hand I find some dolls a bit creepy in real life >_<).

I thought I'd post this song (Yoshiwara lament by asa with Teto singing) I found it on niconicodouga abd had to immediately put it on my iPod, (it was downloading as I was leaving to go to France, I pretended I forgot something!) it's truly amazing!

And, while I'm here... Len is just adorable.

See you soon!



    how was france?!?!?!?! I just got back there myself!! I absolutely LOVED IT. I'm going to blog about it soon, but I'll tell you that we stayed in Roissy en France--which I loved, and thoroughly embarrassed myself in front of the cutest boy who worked at the local bakery T^T--visited Paris, Chamonix, and Orleans because I wanted to see Jeanne D'Arc's statue, since she's my saint. It was very emotional.

    I love France. I didn't want to leave, but I missed my puppy too much. How was your visit?! I'm so sorry you fell and got bit and there was a SCORPION?!?!?!?!?!?! *faint* Well, spiders are worse.

    Thanks for the Rozen Maiden review! I'll def watch it.

    Good luck with driving!! I'm officially over the age to get a liscence. I have my permit, but I need to actually get legalized and then get a car... T^T meehs.

    And good luck with senior year!! Or year 12? What do you call it in England? It was my hardest year, but that's because I took a lot of college courses and I slacked too much junior year. (I got all As, but still...) Good luck with college, too!! What do you want to study?! I'm sutdying psychology. I want to be a professor X3

    That song is AWESOME. I'm putting it on my iPod as we speak. Teto sounds waay better in this song than a lot of other ones I've heard her in!

    I'm going to end here because I don't want to go over the blogspot comment limit...

  2. I ALSO DO NOT HAVE A 3DS AND THEREFORE CANNOT GET THE NEWEST KINGDOM HEARTS GAME. Oh, cruel fates!!!! My brother has one but he won't get the game lest I want to play it...WHICH I DO!!! DUH!!!!!!! T^T I've had to drown my sorrows in ice cream. Everytime the freaking commercial comes on TV i cry. Yes, I'll admit it. It's nostalgic and amazing!! ;_;

    The Olympics were fun. The opening ceremony was fantastic! But I'm not that much of a sports fan so I tuned out. I watched a few events. I was really happy that Serena Williams won gold in tennis, though!! She's awesome!!

    I've been watching more Dr Who and loving every second. Yays~

    Physics is not my favorite, either. But Calc takes the cake. EWs. I'm just glad I got a B- as an average...or someting like that. I got a D one term tho... But yay! No more physics for you!!! XD

    did I say I love France?!?!?! I think the best thing I ate...and there were a TON of good things I ate...was grilled chicken at Courtepaille. OMG. Heaven.

    Anyway, I'll end it here! Yay on getting Vocaloid songs right!! XD I spent too much time on videos like that yesterday because I thought it was fun, and found some new ones that I like...including the one you just put up!!! Thanks for that!! X3 Let me know about France! Thanks for your comments, as always~ Sorry if my long comments are a bother! But I'm a talker X3

    Adios, mi amiga!!! <3 Sonny

  3. Looooottttiiiieeee~

    Officially listened to Yoshiwara Lament 8 times since I got it. Working on the 9th...

    I HAD to comment again because I just received yours (I missed them!! T^T Thank you for them!! <3) because...*inhale*...


    When you told me you went to the VINEYARD I rushed to my mom and went, "Mama! GUESS WHERE MY BLOGGING FRIEND--you know, the one in England who grew up in France??--AND HER MOTHER WENT???!!!!" And she was all like: "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THEY WENT TO THE VINEYARD???!?!?!?!?!?!?!" and she was equally happy for you guys, ecstatic that one can actually visit the place, and equally depressed that we didn't go. Ha, ha!!

    so, WHERE IS IT?! Cuz I swear, if it was a place we were five miles from at any point in our time there--because we did go to southern France and eastern France while we drove to Geneva for a couple of days--my parents are going to LOSE IT. Ellos son locos. But I wuvs them! XD

    I'm so happy you and your family got to go! That's awesome!! XDDD

    Okay, with the bakery boy...

    We went to the same bakery almost eveyr day we were in France because their bread was amazing, and that's all we had for breakfast: croissants, cheese, and maybe some salami. The first day, I ordered four croissants, no problem. Then my mother raved on how cute the boy was and I was all like, "Yeah, yeah."

    But then I had to go again. And again. Since I'm the only one in the family that speaks French, I was the official food orderer..rerer. Ha, ha. And I realized...

    "Goodness me, he IS really cute!!"

    So I became a proper mess everytime I had to order, because, lo and behold, each time I went he took my order. Not his mother, who owned the bakery; not his father, who sometimes came out to help with orders.

    No. The cute one.

    And, I swear, every French verb, sentence construction, or simple word that I learned flew right out of my head. RIGHT OUT, ma copine.

    And it wasn't spectacular AT ALL to know that my face turns a very lovely shade of BLOOD RED whenever I'm flustered, which I didn't know of AFTER I PROPER HUMILIATED MYSELF IN FRONT OF HIM.

    I would stumble over pronunciation and blush whenever I spoke to him, sounding like a proper American instead of a girl who studied the language and is actually pretty good at it.

    The one thing I DID say correctly was, "I'm sorry, I don't speak French very well." Which not only is a lie, BUT HOW CAN IT BE THE ONLY CORRECTLY SAID FRENCH THING TO COME OUT OF MY MOUTH?!?!

    And to top it off, the last day I went to embarrass myself yet again, I ordered some sandwhiches for the road. I was at the point where I'd been in France enough for my brain to actually start working again, so this time was a little better.

    So he went to go get the sandwhiches. That's what I thought, anyway. His mother came back with two, which is what I ordered, and called it out. And silly me...

    Wait, let me cut if off here...

  4. I said, "Oh, that's me," in French, all perfect, and went to reach for them.

    Until, at the same time, two sounds cut through the air and assaulted not only my eardrums, but my very hear:

    A very faint, "Non! Pardon, pardon..."

    And a quite loud and deep, "No, miss!"

    Turns out, I was just about the grab and take off with SOMEONE ELSE'S ORDER. And not just anyone, BUT A LITTLE OLD LADY. I WAS ABOUT TO TAKE A LITTLE OLD LADY'S FOOD.

    She, who, for some inexplicable reason, was embarrassed, and kept apologizing to me. To me!! I wanted to crawl into a deep, dark hole and cry.

    Then I began to apologize profusely, in a shocked, mentally slow kind of state like I had been just revived from a coma.

    How could she have been embarrassed?? I was the silly American girl--well, I'm Puerto Rican, but I was born in good ol' USA =_=--who flubs up one of the most beautiful languages in the world, sticks out like a sore thumb in a gorgeous French village, and, oh yeah, ALMOST STOLE AN OLD LADY'S SANDWHICHES.

    So when that horrendous disaster was over, I stood a little to the side of the cash register, waiting for the guy to return with the sandwhiches. I had already paid, and assumed he was going to come back to the front.

    Yeah, you know the little "assume" rhyme? 'You make an ASS of U and ME?' Yeah. I do, too.

    So while I stood, trying to recover from the incident, I hear the boy call out, "Miss. Miss!" And I turn around and see that he was waiting for me in a different part of the bakery, where he made the sandwhiches fresh.

    I was waiting for him in the wrong place like a proper idiot. La di da, waiting for mes sandwiches~

    So I apologized, took the goods, and got THE HELL OUT.

    The guy was cute, but he was kind of...reserved. He looked at me each time I came in like, "Ah, you're back." Like he expected me to be. He was nice, but he didn't smile. :( I liked him, though. I didn't know him, but I he WAS cute, and well...


    Anyway, that's my story. There are probably more details that I've suppressed from my memory in order to spare me the pain of remembering... ;_; I'm going to blog about the trip soon, when I have time NOT PREPARING FOR COLLEGE.

    I'll put up pics too. Even!! So you can see me in all of my short, curly red-headed glory X3

    Oh, and if you haven't, look up Black Executor by rin and len. Very good. X3

    HAVE FUN AT THE CON!!!!! Rolling girl is one of my favorite vocaloid songs. And I like the Gumi spin you're using!! I went to Anime Boston when I was 16 as Misty, since it was the only red-head i knew of that I could pull off. (I'm sorry, but I do NOT have the cup size of Bleach's Orihime. T^T tragically.) Ha, ha. Cons are SO MUCH FUN. It's the ultimate fangirl experience. I spent so much money that I've been banned from cons by my parents for the time being... Heh heh...

    Anyway, merci beaucoup pour votre messages, ma copine!! They always make me happy!! X3

    <3 Sonny

    Oh wait, if you haven't, check this post out! X3 Tell me what you think!! <33

  5. Hi Lottie!!!

    I am commenting once again~ Ha, ha!

    Thanks for telling me about Lacoste. I couldn't believe both our mothers love love love A Good Year, it made me smile!! Anyway, we were right near Provence when we traveled through a bit of southeastern France to get to Geneva, and when my parents find out, it was like FFFFFFFFFF!! and shaking fists at the sky. ha, ha!

    A tale of six billion years and one night is actually the first song I heard from IA! I like it too! I'm partial to most of her covers, though, because her voice is that great!!

    And I did listen to rotten rotten zombie, based on your mentioning of it in a recent post! XD I think it's this one... anyways! I actually thanked you on the Vocaloid 3 post because I wouldn't have known about CUL otherwise!! So thank you!! *huggles*

    I also wuv Len X3 He's so adorable. If you've ever heard "Dolls" by Rin and watched the PV, the older Len is A FIIINE piece of sex cake. Yummies!! XP I like Gakupo, too, and I think I'm starting to like Yuuma, (It's the hat)!

    How do I find these good songs? Weeeeeeeeeeell... Ha, ha, just kidding. I actually just spend too much time on Youtube. I click one video, then see more, and more, and soon enough, I've listened to 30 Vocaloid songs. I just pick what I like! I would like to have a niconico account, but my Japanese is not that great, and I'm *supposed* to be finishing an essay for college that's due Monday... >>

    I'm so glad you liked the post!! I was actually hoping you would do your own! Eliza borrwed the idea, too, and it came out great! So you have my full permission!! X3

    No, I haven't heard Deco*27's lovechild!!! (You mean it's not mine?! Ha, ha. I would marry that man just for his voice/amazing talent. But that seems a little shallow, huh?) Thank you for letting me know!!

    And thanks for the consoling words. My pride has been hurt, yes, by the incidents at the bakery, but the momories are worth it! Plus, I really love Roissy en France.

    Thanks again!! I love your comments!! >w<

    Lots of huggies from wherever I'm from! ;) Let's just say Gallifrey for now!

    <3 Sonny