Sunday, 26 August 2012

All about Lottie!

Hi there! So, Sonny sent me a link to a post she did called "All about Sonny!!" Eliza's done the same so I thought I'd do one too!

Oh, before I start, I saw the new Bourne film yesterday! Aaaaaarms...

I did start this four days ago, then my parents asked me if I was finished packing, I forgot that I was visiting my cousins... Whoops!

On that note!

Name: Lottie
Internet Alias: None (although it did used to be Shortcakesky, for about 3 days...)
Age: 17
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac sign: Pig (Shaddup!)

Blood Type: Uuuuuum....
Favourite Colour: Pink
Favourite Animal: Dogs all the way!

Favourite Food: Pizza and chocolate! (Makes me sound so healthy...)
Favourite Sport: Archery or Rock climbing or Rounders. One of them.

Favourite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts!

Favourite Subject: French and English language

Favourite Pokémon:
Starter: Charmander

Regular: Luciro too!

Legendary: Suicune

Favourite Anime Characters to Bash:
Yes! PreCure 5's Milk... She's too naggy... Still, she gets a bit less annoying as it goes on and about the only one I actually hate.  

Favourite Vocaloid and Song: Gumi and Mozaik Role
Favourite Band: Uuuum. Tough one, maybe Paramore?
Favourite Flower: Rose
Favourite Shape: Spots!

Favourite fantasy creature: Unicorns

Favourite symbol: Do stars count?

Favourite scary creature: Demons
Oh My Gawd! It's Flonne!

Favourite Doctor: Tennant all the way!

Favourite Sherlock character: Watson. How could anyone not love Martin Freeman?

Favourite Hero: Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Favourite Heroine: Etna from the Disgaea series.
Favourite Saying: MINE NOW! *Takes whatever the nearest person is holding*
Favourite Things to Do: eating, sleeping, reading, watching anime, eating some more.
Favourite Meme: Troll Face

Favourite Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Favourite anime movie: Alice in the Country of Hearts or Spirited Away.

Favourite Disney Princess: Belle
Favourite Disney Prince: Beast
Disney Princess That Looks Most Like Me: Belle
Favourite Fan Comic: Never read any... <("^-^) 

Hehehe, Hope you're all doing well!




    THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Btw, thank you for your comment, as always!! I've been so busy with college and single, beautiful moments of idleness that I haven't rly been on the internet except for schoolwork until recently!! Yes, I have heard Little Mermaid and I LOVE IT. So sad. So glad you enjoyed!!!!)


    I HAD NO IDEA SOMEONE ELSE WAS A PRETTYCURE FAN LIKE ME!!!! I found the first series by accident when I was going through my "I-love-magical-girls-and-dream-of-being-one" phase from age 14-17. Ha, ha. I TOTS AGREE with you on Milk. Eh...

    AND WAIT...THERE'S AN ALICE IN THE COUNTRY OF HEARTS MOVIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 0,o WHAAAAAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?? I HAVE TO SEE THIS NOW SEND ME A LINK PLEASE!!!!!!!!! DX

    Um, Cancer's rock. So do pigs. PIGS!!! X3

    Omg, love archery too. And chocolate <333

    KH was a given. Love the pic though, so true.

    Love the subject pic too :)))))))))

    Love that we both love roses, chocolate, watson, vocaloids, kh, spirited away, and the same disney stuff XD <33333 u must be my long-lost twin sister or something XP (speaking of disney movies, I CANNOT WAIT FOR WRECK IT RALPH).


    Just love this in general!!!!!!! So nice to learn more about you~

    So! Some questions:

    Who's your favorite Pretty Cure character?

    Who's your favorite Alice in the Country of Hearts guy? (Mine's Julius, all the way. LOVE HIM.)

    Culd you make a list of your fave manga? That'll be my nextest post, I think...

    Oh, and fave anime characters!!

    Only cuz anime fanz rule and I like to know these things!! X3 Or not, you know, your choice... v///v

    Oh, I also think Batman is the biggest troll in the world. Next to my puppy. Ha, ha.

    Anyway...idk it's just TOO CUTE!!!! I love this post!!! Especially the pokemon pics they are ADORBS I WANT THEM ALL.

    Okay, super long post. Sorry!!! Haha


    Okay, I'm done. I need to do homework, seriously.

    Oh, you're probably asleep now. Well, when you read this I guess itll be morning so.... GOOD MORNING!!

    au revoir, ma copine!!! XD

    <3 Sonny

  2. Okay...totally know I called PreCure 'Pretty Cure' twice in the prev comment... Whoops!! I guess it's cuz everytime I think about it, I hear the theme song where they go: "Purri Q-ah! Purrri Q-ah!" and for some reason that = Pretty Cure... Ha, ha, sorry about that! XP