Sunday, 26 August 2012

All about Lottie!

Hi there! So, Sonny sent me a link to a post she did called "All about Sonny!!" Eliza's done the same so I thought I'd do one too!

Oh, before I start, I saw the new Bourne film yesterday! Aaaaaarms...

I did start this four days ago, then my parents asked me if I was finished packing, I forgot that I was visiting my cousins... Whoops!

On that note!

Name: Lottie
Internet Alias: None (although it did used to be Shortcakesky, for about 3 days...)
Age: 17
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac sign: Pig (Shaddup!)

Blood Type: Uuuuuum....
Favourite Colour: Pink
Favourite Animal: Dogs all the way!

Favourite Food: Pizza and chocolate! (Makes me sound so healthy...)
Favourite Sport: Archery or Rock climbing or Rounders. One of them.

Favourite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts!

Favourite Subject: French and English language

Favourite Pokémon:
Starter: Charmander

Regular: Luciro too!

Legendary: Suicune

Favourite Anime Characters to Bash:
Yes! PreCure 5's Milk... She's too naggy... Still, she gets a bit less annoying as it goes on and about the only one I actually hate.  

Favourite Vocaloid and Song: Gumi and Mozaik Role
Favourite Band: Uuuum. Tough one, maybe Paramore?
Favourite Flower: Rose
Favourite Shape: Spots!

Favourite fantasy creature: Unicorns

Favourite symbol: Do stars count?

Favourite scary creature: Demons
Oh My Gawd! It's Flonne!

Favourite Doctor: Tennant all the way!

Favourite Sherlock character: Watson. How could anyone not love Martin Freeman?

Favourite Hero: Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Favourite Heroine: Etna from the Disgaea series.
Favourite Saying: MINE NOW! *Takes whatever the nearest person is holding*
Favourite Things to Do: eating, sleeping, reading, watching anime, eating some more.
Favourite Meme: Troll Face

Favourite Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Favourite anime movie: Alice in the Country of Hearts or Spirited Away.

Favourite Disney Princess: Belle
Favourite Disney Prince: Beast
Disney Princess That Looks Most Like Me: Belle
Favourite Fan Comic: Never read any... <("^-^) 

Hehehe, Hope you're all doing well!

Friday, 17 August 2012

My return from the land of the frogs

I've spent practically a month in France, during which time I've been bitten 40 times by mosquitoes, stung by a wasp, fell down the stairs and woke up to find a scorpion in the kitchen... but apart from that it was amazing and it was so hot, makes a nice change from clouds and rain!

So now comes the great challenge: it's time to learn how to drive. I hit 17 and now I'm applying for a provisional licence, which costs £50, most my birthday money... Oh joy of joys! Time to get a job. Not gonna keep moaning though, considering I was given a kindle from my parents and crammed it full of books.

During my time away I've missed the Olympics and also the release of the new Kingdom Hearts game (which I wouldn't have bought anyway since I don't own a 3DS, boo hoo!) However I drowned my sadness by playing both games for the DS and immersing myself in vocaloid. No DVD play so I couldn't watch any of the animes I took with me... but I had more than enough books to keep me going!

Come September I'm officially in my last year of school, then university. I'm going to work a lot harder next year than I have done this year, but the best thing about this year is:  I NEVER HAVE TO DO PHYSICS AGAIN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! I got my AS results through this morning in the post, I got a D in physics, but it's a pass and that's all I need.

So my mini anime review today will be Rozen Maiden. No, Sonny, I'm not Peach pits biggest fan either and I haven't read it, but I really did enjoy the anime. I absolutely adored the way it was animated and the abandoned doll world early on the anime gave me the creeps. It revolves around a boy named Jun who stopped going to school after an "embarrassing incident" and stays at home and buys stuf of the internet all day. One day he gets a message saying to place a piece of paper in his desk to order and he does so. Shortly afterwards a doll arrives, after winding the doll up it comes to life and tells him her name is Shinku. In total we find out there are seven official Rozen Maiden dolls, each given a rosa mystica and they must fight each other over these rosa mysticas in order to be able to meet their maker ( as in, the person who made them, not God). I decided to watch it because I like anime and manga with dolls in them (on the other hand I find some dolls a bit creepy in real life >_<).

I thought I'd post this song (Yoshiwara lament by asa with Teto singing) I found it on niconicodouga abd had to immediately put it on my iPod, (it was downloading as I was leaving to go to France, I pretended I forgot something!) it's truly amazing!

And, while I'm here... Len is just adorable.

See you soon!