Sunday, 1 July 2012

Does the weather not know its July?

So hi! *pinch, punch, first day of the month*
Unfortunately It's been the second wettest June on record. Bleh! Here's hoping to a sunny July! So far though, it's been grey.

I'm avoiding the top floor of my house as my sister had a sleepover and it's terrible up there, loads of crisps and such covering the floor. So I'm on my phone, you physically cannot get to the computer at the moment... (hello Blogger app) >_<

On tuesday I'm off to London. Yay! School trip to see les miserables. I'm not the biggest fan of the play but it's nice to go with everybody! There goes all the money I own in the world on train fares.

I've spent most of my weekend watching Rozen Maiden. I really love this anime! That's mostly because I love things with dolls in them! I haven't quite finished it yet so I might do a review at a later date. I recommend it though, if you've got the time!

Just stuffed myself with roast dinner an- HOLY HELL! Look what just appeared on my wall! I added a beautiful picture of Mr spider thing currently residing on my wall, he's only got 5 legs... that's not right. He's outside now.

My sister's going on a trip to France with the school tomorrow, she's getting to at 3 in the morning, better not wake me up! XD I like my sleep. A lot.

Finally, I went to Surrey university open day on Friday. It's really pretty, there's a lake and everything there! The French course looks really good. Only one year left of school and then I'm off! I've got to apply for loans and all sorts of other boring stuff such as that. What sold it for me were two beautiful words: Free. WiFi.

On that note, I bid you farewell!  ^_^
It's taken me three attempts to write this...<(^_^;) I keep getting distra- HEY, THE SUN'S OUT!


  1. oh em goodness.

    I HATE SPIDERS!!!! They are the most evil thing on the planet next to the devil and ET.

    hey lottie!!!! XD *glomp*

    thank you so much for answering my questions!

    here's another question: how is rozen maiden? i've always tried to watch it because I like PeachPit as a manga-ka team, but never it never seemed to be in the front of my mind whenever I went anime-searching online.

    Okay! I'll answer your questions!! X3

    My favorite Vocaloid songs...I have so many... I'll jusst divide them by Vocaloid!! X3

    Miku: Packaged -- 'twas my first Vocaloid experience and I fell. in. love. It's probably my fave hands's so catchy!
    Rolling Girl -- it's just awesome
    Telepsychola Theatric
    All Deco*27 songs with her

    Luka: Palette -- competes with Packaged for my #1 spot, because it's BEAUTIFUL and I cry every single time I watch the music video, haha!

    Rin: Meltdown -- a classic
    Unhappy Refrain (feat. Len) -- it's awesome
    Last Battle (feat. Miku) -- different, but really great.

    Len: The Beast -- originally a Miku song, but he sings it so well! X3
    Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder -- >w<
    Re_Birthday -- the best of the evil Rin queen/sibling song saga with a name that obviously escapes me at the moment...

    Kaito: Cantarella -- basically, because it's like the phantom of the opera

    Meiko: I really only like her in Alice of Human Sacrifice!

    Gumi: Mozaik Role

    Gakupo: Dancing Samurai -- cuz it's hilarious and I always have to dance to it!

    Teto: Utaloid, I know, but I love them in Triple Baka and Teto Kasane's Territory!

    Well, my favorite manga are:

    Happy Cafe -- amazing. just amazing.

    Kobato, Magic Knight Rayearth, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles -- um, they're by CLAMP. Enuff said.

    Ultra Maniac -- my first 'real' manga, (b/c I read the Kingdom Hearts comics, but I didn't think that counted b/c they read the regular left to right), and just super cute.

    Library Wars: Love & War -- it's really great, but I'm beginning to think that the only reason I keep buying it is because of the hot men ;3

    Shugo Chara -- super cute magical girl manga!!

    From Far Away -- an oldie but a goodie. a normal girl gets transported to a strange world where she doesn't know the language, and her only companion is a mysterious rogue swordsman who has secrets of his own. soooooooo good. SO good.

    (I can't think of anymore right now b/c I just got home so I'm kind of brain dead~ I'll let you know if I do!!)

    Fave anime!!

    Ouran High School Host Club -- hilarity squared. plus, I love tamaki!! Except my friend has told me multiple times that if he were real and we became a couple the world would explode in rainbows and sparkles.

    Pretear -- magical girl animes rock, and this one is different, yet very good!!

    Princess Tutu -- amazing. just spectacular.

    Sengoku Basaara -- pretty good for an action anime about ninjas and samurai. more cute guys, so it's golden.

    Soul Eater -- it's just hilarious and very original. WAY better than the manga, I think.

    Azumanga Daioh -- even more hilarity.

    Keinichi -- really funny, has some ecchi in it because, of course, every anime as to have at least one girl with over-sized breasts, but also very good, if you like martial arts and overcoming obstacles and stuff like that.

    that's all I can think of right now...I'll get back to you!!

    Favorite Sherlock character?

    john!! X3 Mainly because I'm sort of like him and I can empathize with him.

    I also like Mrs. Hudson...that's the landlady, right? I havent seen it in a while....she's just great, haha!!

    anyway, thanks sooo much for everything!!! Idk if we're going south :( I want to though because my French teacher says it's absolutely gorgeous. maybe one day we will meet each other!!

    so thanks again! I wish you the best~!!

  2. oh, and I have to add this separately b/c blogspot literally told me that my previous comment was too long (n_n); heh...

    if i am every blessed enough to be able to come to england during may or october--maybe for my birthday (may 27th)?!--i WOULD LUUUUUUURV to go to mcm and do british things avec vous~ this will go down on my bucket list, haha!!

    again, thank you for sooo much; the advice, the comments, and for being a spectacular fan~

    adios, mi amiga!!!