Tuesday, 19 June 2012

No more exams!

Sorry for not writing for ages and ages, I've been revising all the time.
Had my last exam this morning and so I've come home early! (Yay!) A2 French was a pig, I was told by a yr 13 just as we were walking into the exam hall that we needed a bibliography... I was not informed of this fact, luckily they told me the names of the books they used, otherwise I'd have been well and truly screwed. I did the history question about Vichy France, I think I did OK. I finished with 45 minutes to spare and sat staring at the walls, two and a half hours of sitting in le hall with no windows, I like natural light >_<.

Anyhoo, the sun has finally appeared. Don't know if any of you know what's been going on over here: floods and a lot of them! Luckily my road was ok, we're in an area prone to flooding (apparently living 100m from the sea means your house is gonna get flooded at some point!) so we've got loads more defences in place. My friends weren't all so lucky, barely two miles away it was waist deep in rain water, all the roads to my school were closed... so I had to get the train all week... in the rain! >_< My younger sister showed me a picture of her friends family canoeing in the garden! One of my best friend's school was shut, lucky bugger! I had loads of friends putting pictures up on facebook, one was of a friend of mine going "Look my house is on BBC1" Followed with a picture of her next to the TV. Last month the government declared we were in a "drought" so you know, we had a months worth of rain in a day. At least the hosepipe ban has been lifted! XD

Well, I think today I'll add a few of hachi's songs to this post! Hachi got me through revision this year, so I think I'll post my top 3 favourite hachi songs!

Number 3: Alice and the Sheep's wonderland! I really like how quirky it is ( let's face it most of his songs are!)
Number 2: Lynne. I love this song is and it is the exact length of my daily train journey!
Number 1: World's End Umbrella. There are no words to describe just how much I love this song! I love you hachi!

Oh and as an added bonus, I recently discovered hachi sang, I must have listened to "vivi" about 20 times yesterday on repeat! So I guess I should add it too! Speaking of which... *plays song*

Hopefully I'll be making posts more often!

Hope you're all doing ok!