Monday, 7 May 2012

I'm a happy happy person!!!

Okey dokey, it's bank holiday Monday and I'm lounging on Le sofa watching the spiderwick chronicles on tv. Ok, so Friday was the manga evening at my local bookshop. It was a lot of fun and I can proudly say I won the manga quiz! I was surprised I actually knew that much! >_< There were loads of people in full cosplay (including a Roxas! *squeal*) I won two cinema tickets so me and my friend (who helped a lot with the question about the hobbit, I had no idea!) went to see Avengers Assemble, with a load of e friends. Had my first mcdonalds as a veggie, though I was desperate for a quarter pounder! XD The film was really good! We spent most of the time squealing about hawkeye's arms. I need a bow like that. Ah, got to go, my iPods about to run out of battery and die! XD Bye bye!

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  1. lottie!! omg haha congrats on winning! im proud of you, one anime fan to another!!! i just had a quater pounder last night...good luck cuz personally i can't imagine not eating meat. i swear im a carnivore haha. HOW DID YOU LIKE THE AVENGERS???? i saw it twice avec mes copains and ma famille...and yes, i friggin love hawkeye's arms. apparently i'm hawkeye, according to my friends, since we decided to make ourselves the avengers for the time being, haha. I don't care cuz jeremy (hawkeye) is amazingly hot. old, but hot. and robert downey jr, who's like my father's age, bummer!!! DX haha that movie was so good. i want a bow too, especially since 'brave' is coming out soon and im SO EXCITED TO SEE IT. i seriously think pixar stalked me for like a year while they made this movie, cuz merida, the main girl, is ME. FRIZZY HAIR AND ALL. i want to wear a green cape, carry a bow, and wear my hair all crazy, (in other words, leave it the way it is), when i go see the premier haha! woooooow i think i'm commenting too much. but what can you do when you're talking about the avengers???? haha!! anyway, maybe i should stop now lol. so au revoir, ma copine! nos vemos!!