Monday, 7 May 2012

I'm a happy happy person!!!

Okey dokey, it's bank holiday Monday and I'm lounging on Le sofa watching the spiderwick chronicles on tv. Ok, so Friday was the manga evening at my local bookshop. It was a lot of fun and I can proudly say I won the manga quiz! I was surprised I actually knew that much! >_< There were loads of people in full cosplay (including a Roxas! *squeal*) I won two cinema tickets so me and my friend (who helped a lot with the question about the hobbit, I had no idea!) went to see Avengers Assemble, with a load of e friends. Had my first mcdonalds as a veggie, though I was desperate for a quarter pounder! XD The film was really good! We spent most of the time squealing about hawkeye's arms. I need a bow like that. Ah, got to go, my iPods about to run out of battery and die! XD Bye bye!