Friday, 13 April 2012

Possibly my worst idea ever..

Firstly: Ooooh, shiny new layout!

Secondly: Easter holidays are almost over. SUPER SAD TIMES!
Although it's nearly finished I've still got two days to go and it's my best friend's birthday the first day back at school (I did try to convince my physics teacher to have a revision session on her birthday, cause I'm such a good friend. However that didn't work...) so we're going to have a harvester meal on Sunday. Time to eat a burger the size of my face!

I spent most of my holidays re-watching Hetalia and forcing it down said friend's throat! She loves it now, as well as Ouran High School Host Club. The most amazing thing is that I've finished my homework BEFORE the holidays ended, I always forget a piece normally >_<  Maybe my D wasn't such a bad thing, scared me into working harder....ish.

Next point, Thanks to Eliza's blog I remembered to get a seat at the back of the cinema for The Hunger Games (Thanks for that!). I have to say I was expecting it to be gorier, much gorier. I must also say I enjoyed it, although I think I prefer the book (but I pretty much always say that...)  

My local book shop is organising a mini convention on May the fourth. Basically it's because not everyone has a chance to go to MCM (I'm going this October!). So there's going to be an evening of anime and manga. Only thing is I only fonud out about it today, so I don't know if I cant cosplay or not. I need something easy to make...

Which brings me on to my current situation... About 20 minutes ago I had two people's worth of Mac and Cheese, I had my sister's helping because she's gone to a sleepover. That wasn't the worst of it, no... I then decided to finished learning the Love and Joy dance and start learning Bad Apple. BAD IDEA! I now feel extremely sick...

I honestly don't think I can manage this, this girl's a pro!

Also, todays adorable video:


  1. You're welcome! ^^ I was expecting a lot more violence too. BTW finished Mockingjay!!!

    And I just got to watching Hetalia in English and I love it! <3 All of my friends are obsessed with it.

    And two more things: I made a youtube channel for Hetalia slideshows cause I'm an idiot XD

    And out of curiousity, have you seen the Hetalia movie?

  2. AH! I love hetalia, however this time I'vebeen good and decided to wait for the DVD to come out rather than watching it online! I've already pre-ordered it!! I

    Subscibed to your channel! ^_^