Thursday, 5 April 2012

Oh Crap! Has it really been this long?

Oh hai, all.

I can't believe I haven't posted in what seems like forever... Unfortunately for me, I spend most of my time buried under physics textbooks. I spent so long revising for my exam and came out with a D... My first D.... So now I'm in deeeeep shiz avec les teachers. On the plus side, I got an A in my English *Cheers* However, it all starts again in about... 3 weeks.... eurgh. Still, come July, I WILL BE ALLOWED TO DROP PHYSICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there was an old friend who one day started to ignore me... Until a couple of weeks ago, when I got an email with a load of touchy feely bleh (I'm not so good with that sort of stuff). However I forgave said friend and 1 week later, I'm being ignored again. Naw, well.  

I hope you've all been well!

Sorry about the shortness of this post... I never really have anything of great interest to say. So, um, here's a video, it's a more freaky song but I really like it. Oh and to save you the annoyance;


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  1. Ah man I lost the game! XD lol

    I know the feeling. I haven't been able to do a lot of free stuff since school's gonna be over in... 2 months and 3 days to be exact. I even have homework over the weekend it's so insane. Oh wait scratch that, I have tomorrow off for Good Friday and then it's our Spring Break for the week. Now I got time to relax and not do much of anything.

    Sorry for the D. I hate falling behind in classes too. Felt so unproud of myself when I ended 8th grade with a C- in Algebra 1