Saturday, 28 April 2012


OK all? How've your weeks been?

Okey dokey, so this week is over (happily because I've had so much stuff to do this week!). I've finished my Physics practical exam. It took three and a half hours... Plus an exam of an hour and fifteen minutes... It was HORRIBLE. I cannot put it into words how bad it was!

Ok, so, um, what else? I've spent the rest of my free time watching crap on youtube.

Oh, right "my great resolve." Well, I'm turning vegetarian again. When I was little I was vegetarian because my whole family was, then we moved to France... I honestly think there's no such thing as a "vegetarian" over there! After asking for a salad without ham in my the waitress in a restaurant we were in replied with "But it will taste awful without any meat in it!" So we pretty much gave up with the whole idea. Now I've been back in the UK for about five years now (That long?!). I wake up this morning and BOOM! We're apparently going veggie again, like magic! Not that I mind personally, meat makes me feel a bit sick anyhow, it's the only food I can't inhale like oxygen.

This friday is the manga night at Waterstones! YAAAAY!

That's about it for life, really. I haven't done much else this week!

And so, I leave you with a video *Hurriedly thinks of what to pick*

This makes me laugh, every time:

BYE BYE!!! ^_^

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  1. OK, OK, OK, DENIED!!!!!!
    Bwahahahahaha, this made me and my little bro laugh, for realz!!!!!!
    Yay! I finally posted again!!! *GLOMPS BACK*
    I'm gonna try and be a good girl: blog over homework. *Flips a desk*
    ANYWAY, thanks for commenting! Yah, I love POTO, and I'd only see "Love Never Dies" if Ramin and Sierra were in it, because they're awesome. The Royal Albert Hall is awesome, and I definitely want to go see a show there one day. Thanks again, ma copine! Au revoir!