Saturday, 21 April 2012

And so it all starts again...

Ah, exams. Every time you think their over, they oh so lovingly grace you with their presence again.

Well, this week I've got my first exam, physics practical... Bleh, why I ever chose to do that subject is a mystery, I can't believe I ever used to like it! >_< After that comes my A2 French speaking. Possibly the most nerve racking thing in the world, as I'm not so good at talking to people in English, let alone debating whether the use of medical technology is right or not to an examiner in French... So that should be fun. Finally The official exams start the week after that. I know nothing, I'm definitely not ready, still I've already done my English, so that's one out of the way.

Was left home alone last night, just me and the dog. Spent the night eating takeaway pizza, ice cream and watching anime and reruns of Red Dwarf. I honestly love that show! In short, it's set in the future and the entire crew of the ship gets killed in a radiation leak, only one person survives and wakes up 3 million years later and tries to return to earth with a hologram of one of the dead workers, a robot and a cat/human descended from his cat. I can honestly say it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen, even if it's years old! If you find yourself with nothing to watch, give it a go!

That's about it for now, should probably get some revision done now!

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