Saturday, 28 April 2012


OK all? How've your weeks been?

Okey dokey, so this week is over (happily because I've had so much stuff to do this week!). I've finished my Physics practical exam. It took three and a half hours... Plus an exam of an hour and fifteen minutes... It was HORRIBLE. I cannot put it into words how bad it was!

Ok, so, um, what else? I've spent the rest of my free time watching crap on youtube.

Oh, right "my great resolve." Well, I'm turning vegetarian again. When I was little I was vegetarian because my whole family was, then we moved to France... I honestly think there's no such thing as a "vegetarian" over there! After asking for a salad without ham in my the waitress in a restaurant we were in replied with "But it will taste awful without any meat in it!" So we pretty much gave up with the whole idea. Now I've been back in the UK for about five years now (That long?!). I wake up this morning and BOOM! We're apparently going veggie again, like magic! Not that I mind personally, meat makes me feel a bit sick anyhow, it's the only food I can't inhale like oxygen.

This friday is the manga night at Waterstones! YAAAAY!

That's about it for life, really. I haven't done much else this week!

And so, I leave you with a video *Hurriedly thinks of what to pick*

This makes me laugh, every time:

BYE BYE!!! ^_^

Saturday, 21 April 2012

And so it all starts again...

Ah, exams. Every time you think their over, they oh so lovingly grace you with their presence again.

Well, this week I've got my first exam, physics practical... Bleh, why I ever chose to do that subject is a mystery, I can't believe I ever used to like it! >_< After that comes my A2 French speaking. Possibly the most nerve racking thing in the world, as I'm not so good at talking to people in English, let alone debating whether the use of medical technology is right or not to an examiner in French... So that should be fun. Finally The official exams start the week after that. I know nothing, I'm definitely not ready, still I've already done my English, so that's one out of the way.

Was left home alone last night, just me and the dog. Spent the night eating takeaway pizza, ice cream and watching anime and reruns of Red Dwarf. I honestly love that show! In short, it's set in the future and the entire crew of the ship gets killed in a radiation leak, only one person survives and wakes up 3 million years later and tries to return to earth with a hologram of one of the dead workers, a robot and a cat/human descended from his cat. I can honestly say it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen, even if it's years old! If you find yourself with nothing to watch, give it a go!

That's about it for now, should probably get some revision done now!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Possibly my worst idea ever..

Firstly: Ooooh, shiny new layout!

Secondly: Easter holidays are almost over. SUPER SAD TIMES!
Although it's nearly finished I've still got two days to go and it's my best friend's birthday the first day back at school (I did try to convince my physics teacher to have a revision session on her birthday, cause I'm such a good friend. However that didn't work...) so we're going to have a harvester meal on Sunday. Time to eat a burger the size of my face!

I spent most of my holidays re-watching Hetalia and forcing it down said friend's throat! She loves it now, as well as Ouran High School Host Club. The most amazing thing is that I've finished my homework BEFORE the holidays ended, I always forget a piece normally >_<  Maybe my D wasn't such a bad thing, scared me into working harder....ish.

Next point, Thanks to Eliza's blog I remembered to get a seat at the back of the cinema for The Hunger Games (Thanks for that!). I have to say I was expecting it to be gorier, much gorier. I must also say I enjoyed it, although I think I prefer the book (but I pretty much always say that...)  

My local book shop is organising a mini convention on May the fourth. Basically it's because not everyone has a chance to go to MCM (I'm going this October!). So there's going to be an evening of anime and manga. Only thing is I only fonud out about it today, so I don't know if I cant cosplay or not. I need something easy to make...

Which brings me on to my current situation... About 20 minutes ago I had two people's worth of Mac and Cheese, I had my sister's helping because she's gone to a sleepover. That wasn't the worst of it, no... I then decided to finished learning the Love and Joy dance and start learning Bad Apple. BAD IDEA! I now feel extremely sick...

I honestly don't think I can manage this, this girl's a pro!

Also, todays adorable video:

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Oh Crap! Has it really been this long?

Oh hai, all.

I can't believe I haven't posted in what seems like forever... Unfortunately for me, I spend most of my time buried under physics textbooks. I spent so long revising for my exam and came out with a D... My first D.... So now I'm in deeeeep shiz avec les teachers. On the plus side, I got an A in my English *Cheers* However, it all starts again in about... 3 weeks.... eurgh. Still, come July, I WILL BE ALLOWED TO DROP PHYSICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there was an old friend who one day started to ignore me... Until a couple of weeks ago, when I got an email with a load of touchy feely bleh (I'm not so good with that sort of stuff). However I forgave said friend and 1 week later, I'm being ignored again. Naw, well.  

I hope you've all been well!

Sorry about the shortness of this post... I never really have anything of great interest to say. So, um, here's a video, it's a more freaky song but I really like it. Oh and to save you the annoyance;