Saturday, 24 December 2011


Hi everybody

School is out and I just finished Christmas shopping yesterday (guess who's reeeeealy organized).

Chritmas is always weird in my house as we don't always have it on Christmas day, my dads a firefighter and works two hours away and this year he has to work on Christmas day! Why must all these people set fire to their turkeys? So anyhow we're having it on boxing day.
Contrary to me my nan's been getting ready since about October (she made 3 chistmas cakes that weigh about a ton each, there's sooo much stuff in them!)

However today, luckily for me I'm avoiding arguments today (my mum and my little sister has a liiiiittle bit of a "misunderstanding" yesterday and both are a tiny but touchy), instead I'm having a Christmas movie marathon chez my friends house. Where we shall be swapping presents, which is, in my opinion, a lot more fun. One of my friends is in a theatre production and can't come, the other is half polish and it's Christmas eve,
she told me that in Poland they give one present on Christmas eve and it's a family day.

This then got me thinking about different countries versions of Christmas, I know when I was living in France I was invited round a friends house for Christmas eve and I went round, they opened all their presents on Christmas eve but in the evening, so they had to wait the whole day to open them! They told me that in France (at least where I lived) Christmas day itself is meant to be spent with family (unless your dad is working -.- sorry I'm a litlle bit unhappy with that.)

But I also suppose it's different here too, I know peoe who have to be up at 6, showered dressed with teeth and hair brushed, ready to go to church, then have a rost dinner and presents come late afternoon. Mine's somewhat different: leap out of bed as I'm always up first and "discreetly" wake everyone up, "oh look, I dropped loads of pans on the floor" or I'll play with the dog so he barks. I'll then rip everything open then have brunch then over to my nan's for more presents and snacks, them my mums friend comes to visit (except this year we are going to hers) and we eat MORE FOOD top it all off with some christmas cake (the heavy one!), ice cream and finally a bit of Just Dance and Singstar = voila a Christmas chez moi.

How do you guys all spent Christmas?

I would add a son but I'm on my iPod and Blogger won't let me :,(, I can't find the picture I was trying to upload either! (However the irony is that I've written way more than I normally do at a computer ^^)

I'm off in two hours aaaand I'm still in bed, too lazy, oh it's 10 in the morning, I thought it was about 8...

I hope you guys all have the best Christmas!

Lots of love
Lottie ^^

Monday, 5 December 2011


And thus, the countdown to Christmas begins. I haven't even started buying presents yet. -.-

In two days, I'm performing "Jar of Hearts" with my friends at my schools Christmas concert... That's gonna go down well, I sing like someone's strangling a cat...

I was surfing YouTube today and I found loads of comments about Hetalia, I never really got what it was about so I decided to take a look...

It's about the most hilarious thing I've ever seen, ever! I've spent the past 2 hours watching episodes and I have just one question: WHY ARE THEY SO SHORT?! :'(

YAY!! ^^