Friday, 25 November 2011

Well, I'm moving to London XP

Nah, not really, but I want to now.

On Wednesday my English class took a trip to the British Library. It was designed to look like a boat, LOOK AT IT, HOW EPIC!!!

 It's got about 14 million books, looooads of first editions as well. I saw the Handwritten "Alice in Wonderland" Except then it was called "Alice's adventures underground."  There was also Sir. Arthur Conan Doyles "Lost" (Though now found) first novel, Beethoven's tuning for and handwritten music scores and there was also the Beatles handwritten lyrics! Oh, and also King George III's Book collection. (GAH TOO MANY BOOKS, ME VEEERY HAPPY ^^)

Me and my best friend Catty, snuck off to look at the Magna Carter (Nearly wrote MANGA Carter for a sec XD). O.o It was AMAZING, so now I have decided to move to London.


On Monday, I introduced my friends to the "Caramelldansen" and thus we had an idea, between us we can speak 4 languages, and so, we're going to caramelldansen around the world. We did a lot in London, on the underground people gave us some funny looks,  we also did it in the middle of London Victoria station and The Apollo theater ( where "Wicked" is showing). Next on our list of places we're going soon is:
 -New Zealand
-France (ME!!)
-Possibly Aussieland

(If anyone wants to get involved as well, feel free to let me know, It's gonna take about a year to get all of the videos together from various countries!)

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good day, WHO AM I KIDDING I LOOOVED IT!!!

Hope you all have a good weekend!!

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  1. That's an amazing library! I'd wanna LIVE there!