Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I Just applied for a job (Still can't think of a creative title...)

Well, hi there Everybody!

Well, I've just applied for my first job! It was really hard to write a CV, I sat around for ages trying to think of what to write.
It's for a shop in my local town called PAPERCHASE!! YAY!!! I love this shop, it sells really cute stationary and little noodle pots and stuff!!

This was my favorite collection, they don't sell it in store anymore though ( I truly love the teapot).
I have this glasses case, le woof >.<

I  won't find out if I've got the job yet for a little while but I really hope I do, so if you're ever want KAWAII stationary, you know who to call! (Not Ghostbusters).

My friend lent me a few CDs today, now I have 6 hours worth of Disney on my iPod... I need to get a life really... Today I shall leave you with a video sweeping the UK after seeing it on a show called Russel Howard's Good News:


  1. HIIIIIII Lottie!!!!! I think I missed your blog and comments most of all!! TT^TT My emoticon cannot express my tears. Ha,ha!! Anyway, LOVE the new blog design!!! :D And I think your drawing of Vocaloids if very good!!!! :DDD You should be proud of it! I hope you get accepted to your job! I'm still not working XP Maybe I should . . . I agree. I totally love that teapot. All of the little do-dads are wicked adorable. I'm also happy that you're posting more Vocaloid songs!!! I love Trick and Treat, it was my ringtone for Halloween. I love Vocaloids all together!!! I think my all-time favorite song by them is Palette, though. Luka sings it, if you don't know. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and thank you for commenting so soon on my return!!! X333 I'm looking forward to more amazing posts ma copine! :D Au revoir! Nos vemos!

  2. OMG that stuff is so adorable! Send me some!!!

  3. I don't think I got the job, no-one got back to me, so I've found another one in a sweet shop, hopefully, I'll have better luck now...


    Oh, well, it was only up to Christmas, the other one's permanent...