Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Manga guide to Physics? *BUY BUY BUY*

Hello there ^^

I got stung by a wasp, now my finger is about three times the size it normally is :/

Anyhoo, I was in English today and my teacher walked past as my friend was drawing a cupcake and then said "kawaii."

I just couldn't stop laughing because, well, my teacher has a verrrrrry posh English accent and it was soooo funny hearing her say that.

I also discovered today that my physics teacher is an Otaku when he tried to get our Physics class to  buy "the manga guide to physics," our class were like "Oh, sir, how funny!"

...On the inside I'm screaming "GET IT GET IT GET IT!!!"
 Ehem... I'm on amazon right now XP

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