Sunday, 18 September 2011

Erm... Embarrasing

Well, today I realised something quite bizarre, I had forgotten I had a blog... I then felt guilty for neglecting to write anything. I remembered when I was on YouTube watching a Hatsune Miku song when I suddenly thought "Oh! Sonny likes this singer," my next thought was "UH-OHHHHH" so I rushed back here to blog again ^^ 

I wanted to say that it's nearly HALLOWEEN!! My local theme park is having a "Fright Night Special" and you can choose whether to go in costume or not. At first I didn't have any idea what to do, then I realised my best friend (who is coming with me) and I have been asked if we were twins because he looks a lot like me (We have simlilar noses, eyes and hair) and then it hit me!!

He isn't aware of this yet but I have decided!!!

I was gonna go as miku but I hit some problems:
1. My hair isn't long enough
2. I couldn't find the right colour hair dye (or spray)
3. Wigs are something ridiculous like £200 to buy it and get it sent over here to the UK...

I promise not to forget about my blog again!

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Oh yeah, getting ready for Halloween!!