Monday, 30 May 2011

A very lovely film

One of my favorite films at the moment is Spirited away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. And, yes, although it is old, I still adore it!!! ^^

The film is about ten year old Chihiro who, while moving to her new home, discovers a tunnel with her parents. At first they believe it's an abandoned amusement park. Chihiro runs off while her parents are eating, only to return to find that they have turned into pigs. A boy named Haku finds her and tells Chihiro that the only way to save her parents is to get a job at the bathhouse, run by the (rather bad tempered) witch, Yubaba.  

It's a really touching movie, which I would highly recommend to you all. I'm not gonna tell you what happens, that would ruin it for you. I openly admit that this film makes you smile, laugh and (sometimes) cry. Filled with loveable characters and an amazing storyline, this film beat Titanic in the Japanese box office and won an Academy award for Best Animated Feature and a Golden Bear award at the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival.


Anyways, expect another post in the next couple of days as tommorow I am going to Thorpe park, the location of Saw The Ride, a 100° drop that reaches 55 mph...Oh Goody...

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Eurgh, I seem to have spent most of my time doing revision or exams, bouncing between school and home... ONE WEEK LEFT OF CUMPULSORY SCHOOLING!!!!

Not that I'm too excited or anything ^^

Anyways, I know this girl who really is one of THE most annoying people I've ever met, EVER!

She always moans about how "everyone" copies her and how it annoys her... The thing is though, she does the EXACT same thing to me, it's always been ok with me before but after having been in the same school with her for about 8 years now, it's starting to bug me, REALLY BUG ME!!!

The thing is I can't talk to her anymore, once you start to dislike someone, everything they do is annoying... anybody else think this too?

Finding a hard time dealing with this so if anybody has any ideas, please let me know ^^

Rant over, please return to your lives... :p

Monday, 9 May 2011

I'm back... finally ^^

Soooooo, two weeks with no internet, and here I thinking it would be easy... guess not!

So anyways, me and one of my best friends both want to do journalism at uni in a couple of years time. So this summer we are setting up a new blog together. Basically it's about our local area and the history of it. We want to go around the town and interview people on different aspects of life in our area.

We should be set up in a couple of months, depending of GCSE's (I should be revising right now, but hey!) so I'll put up a link when it's ready!

We're doing the whole lot, blog, logo and advertisment in the local paper, I truly CANNOT wait!!!

Recently fallen in love with "Fruity cuties". KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!