Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sniffing out another strange story

As you all will be well aware we are but days away from the Royal wedding, most of us here in the UK are more happy about the days off work/school. However, isn't this going a bit far? Has anyone seen some of the merchandise available?

How about the Royal wedding teabags, sick bags and Gnomes?

But for me the weirdest was the life sized card board cut outs. Imagine waking up to one of those in your room, eurgh...

Throne up sick bags. What a funny play on words ¬.¬
Oh hai cardboard cut out :D
Who knows? Maybe I'm just upset about the joke wedding invitation I received? I'm not anti Royalist or anything but some of this stuff is just a little... creepy.

But I have to say I'm loving the Royal Wedding Dalek ^^
Doctor Who, Chris Balcombe, royal wedding Dalek


  1. Thanks for your wonderful comment :) This whole wedding thing is insane! I'm excited for it and stuff, but you're right, the merchandise is ridiculous! I heard they're even selling pez dispensers of the couple! But the life size cutout, not going to lie, is kind of awesome. It would be super creepy waking up to that, but it is kind of cool :)

  2. Wow, they're going crazy over there? It's crazy in the states!! O,o Nice post though. It seriously made me laugh :3