Saturday, 16 April 2011

One lovely blog award

Okey Dokey, just got back online after moving (have to do it again in a month or two -.-)

So, merci bien for the award.

Seven things about myself:

1. I practically survive on Disney, my motto to life is "If you don't love disney, you have no soul!"
2. I have recently moved back from France, actually I moved back 3 years ago but our house only sold yesterday!
3. I'm right handed for writing but do everything else with my left.
4. Although I am English, I do not know the Queen or Harry Potter, so please stop asking Frenchy!
5. I love archery and got a bow for my birthday (It's amazing for venting anger!)
6. I AM A SPEED EATER, I ate at least 75% of a dessert for 4 people (my friends were amazingly annoyed when I ate all 5 brownies... Chocolate <3)
7. I kick butt at all video games!!!

Erm... This may sound really stupid but... How do you tag other blogs in a post???



  1. I wouldn't expect that you know the Queen OR Harry Potter. I can't believe people really ask you that! That's so cool that you lived in France! I've always wanted to go there! Archery is pretty awesome! Nice list! :)

  2. oh, and are you talking about tagging people as in linking back to their blog? Because to do that, all you have to do is copy their link and then when you write your post, hilight whatever you want the link to be and then there's a link button so that you can add it. I hope that makes sense! I'm not very good at explaining things :/

  3. ^^ Aw, you totally deserve this award!! And France?? That is so amazing!!! XD About tarot cards: sweet! But, yah, I think the death card is kind of a downer >> Lol I wouldn't think you knew the Queen . . . thats kinda weird lol I've done archery too, and tho my aim is terrible I'm actually pretty good! O_o I know!! Lol also, of course Disney is incredible!! It's so great to know that other ppl feel the same!! X3 Thanks so much for following Ink'd Out, and thanks for commenting on the new blog design! Au revoir, ma copine!!