Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sniffing out another strange story

As you all will be well aware we are but days away from the Royal wedding, most of us here in the UK are more happy about the days off work/school. However, isn't this going a bit far? Has anyone seen some of the merchandise available?

How about the Royal wedding teabags, sick bags and Gnomes?

But for me the weirdest was the life sized card board cut outs. Imagine waking up to one of those in your room, eurgh...

Throne up sick bags. What a funny play on words ¬.¬
Oh hai cardboard cut out :D
Who knows? Maybe I'm just upset about the joke wedding invitation I received? I'm not anti Royalist or anything but some of this stuff is just a little... creepy.

But I have to say I'm loving the Royal Wedding Dalek ^^
Doctor Who, Chris Balcombe, royal wedding Dalek

Saturday, 16 April 2011

One lovely blog award

Okey Dokey, just got back online after moving (have to do it again in a month or two -.-)

So, merci bien for the award.

Seven things about myself:

1. I practically survive on Disney, my motto to life is "If you don't love disney, you have no soul!"
2. I have recently moved back from France, actually I moved back 3 years ago but our house only sold yesterday!
3. I'm right handed for writing but do everything else with my left.
4. Although I am English, I do not know the Queen or Harry Potter, so please stop asking Frenchy!
5. I love archery and got a bow for my birthday (It's amazing for venting anger!)
6. I AM A SPEED EATER, I ate at least 75% of a dessert for 4 people (my friends were amazingly annoyed when I ate all 5 brownies... Chocolate <3)
7. I kick butt at all video games!!!

Erm... This may sound really stupid but... How do you tag other blogs in a post???


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Oh, what a funny news story :)

OK, so i was bored and was looking at the news this week, I found a ridiculously funny news story.
"Man barks at dog, says dog started it" (Metro)

Apparently a 25 year old is going to court for barking at a police dog, when the police questioned him his actual response was "The dog started it". Should he really be going to court for this? I can just imagine:
"It wasn't me, the dog, he forced me to do it, it's all his fault! I'm innocent"
 OK he was drunk, in public, barking at a dog. Makes me kinda wish I was there to see this happen.

Hahahahaha! This story made me laugh, a lot.  XD
man barks at dog
Oh hai doggy!

Friday, 1 April 2011

A foul mood

So today I thought it was Saturday, so I never bothered setting my alarm, woke up late and realised it was friday. It gets worse, after double french, double geography and latin, I was ready to kill someone. I then found out that I had to come in to school DURING LES VACANCES to revise.

I know what will make me feel happy: The kingdom hearts caramelldansen ^^