Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Well, here goes nothing

Well, first post in my blog. I was told it gets easier after the first post and so I've been trying to think of a good subject to start of with, with no luck. So maybe I'll just say something about this blog.

I have no desire to keep to the same genre of writing, maybe one day I'll have a rant, the next maybe a short story or something like that. Maybe if anyone wants to suggest a subject. It'll help until I get used to coming up with ideas for blogging, feel free to get in contact, I'm generally a nice person.

I suppose one reason for having a blog is that you can write about whatever you want. After nearly two years of having essays to write on set  subjects it's nice to be able to let off steam my way, anyone who is doing any coursework of any sort would probably agree with me.

Still, just take it day by day and at least it's starting to warm up!

Byesie Bye

PS. I know this wasn't the best post in the world, I just wanted the first one over and done with, I promise I'll do better next time!