Sunday, 7 April 2013

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Well... I completely forgot I had this blog.

I've been on tumblr and that's pretty much where 98% of my time is spent, so I'm really sorry that I completely forgot all about this.

On the plus side, it's the Easter holidays so I've got another week off! I've got so much work to do for my A-level exams in May/June and I'm so scared I'm gonna fail them all. I need an A and two B's to get into my top choice university! I hope I can get them! >_< Speaking of universities, I completely forgot to apply for accommodation the day it became available and when I went on two days later the type of accommodation I wanted were all gone! Which means I now have to get the more expensive ones... WHY?! It's ridiculous that I'm gonna come out of university with a debt which will take the rest of my life to pay off. BLEH!

ONLY TWO MONTHS LEFT OF SCHOOL!!! I'll be freeeeee! Of course, I'm just excited for a trip to DisneyLand...  I do feel really sad that I'll be leaving a load of my friends behind but I'm getting to the point where I've had enough of school. The teachers put so much pressure on everyone and they're all convinced that their subject if the most important one! At least next year I will only be studying the things I want to!!!

Oh bugger. When did it get to midnight?!

Can I just point out this amazing song from CircusP called Lie? It's so pretty and sad and you can actually understand the English! I'm sorry but I find Luka really hard to understand, even though she's supposed to speak English.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I'm really getting lazy!

First of all, before I even start: SIO/SONNY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Where has your blog gone?! Tell me you've switched to Tumblr or something?!

I didn't get to read your last two posts, they just sit on my dashboard going "hehehehe, you can't read us, but we're here..."


I'm going to pull an all nighter when I get in tomorrow and just watch series 1-4 and the film (I've got a late morning on Friday anyway, so who cares?!)

I haven't got that much news to show the world at the moment, in the middle of the January exams. I had my English exam on Tuesday, which I'm hoping went ok. If I don't get an A in it I'll cry. I've already got 7 exams in the summer and I could do without another one... I got out of my exam and had a double lesson of English afterwards, where my teacher told me my coursework for this year was going to be a detailed investigation on one aspect of the English language that fascinates me. Oh and it needs to have a hypothesis and graphs and data analysis. This is NOT English! I'm pretty sure that should be in maths or something. How would you even bring pie charts into English?

A little collection of the things I've been doing in the past week:
-AKB0048 series 2 has started.
-Amnesia is amazing! Seriously go and watch it. It's based on an Otome game and may be best thing I've seen in a long while!
-I've been playing Ib. It's one of the cutest games I've ever played that makes me want to jump out of my skin!!! I highly recommend playing it!!! The soundtrack of it is just... And Garry is just so... Ok just play it, or listen to the soundtrack or something.

I think I've run out of interesting points to make and I haven't discovered many new vocaloid songs this week that I like enough to mention, here's an awesome chorus cover of 1, 2 fanclub. The PV is just amazing!!!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Back to school

I swear I have the least creative titles for my posts...

So school's back and I walked into school and then realised how little work I'd actually done... Everyone was pulling out all of their revision cards and stuff they had made and I was all "I read my revision guide a couple of times."

On the plus side, on Sunday I had to slice together a load of songs for my Mum's Year 6 dance club for the competition they're in. It took me about half an hour just to turn the computer on (the one I normally use to post stuff on this blog, normally by the time it's on I've lost my train of thought and end up watching crap on YouTube...) I was moaning about how slow it was, my little sister got it for her birthday and it's just full of pictures of herself plus the sims 3, so it doesn't like to be speedy. My Mum went downstairs and came back up and said: "I've spoken to your Dad and we were wondering if you'd like your Birthday present early this year?" I freaked out and (of course) yelled YES and the next day my Dad took me to PC world and I now have a shiny new laptop. It was  £550 but was put down to £400, which is awesome! It's become my baby! XD

Which kinda leads me onto my next point. Has anyone seen Salad fingers? I stumbled across the videos yesterday and I think I'm screwed up for life, I sat there at 11pm last night with my face like this. O_O I still watched all the videos but I swear I had to watch so many funny videos afterwards to calm myself down! Just, here's the link to the first one, watch at your own peril:
I believe I'm done for now! Since I've got my laptop I'll be able to reply to stuff a lot faster because it isn't so painful to wait for it I just hit the on button and BAM!
So my three songs this week are:
Number 3: Clean Freak by Scop and sung by GUMI
To be honest I'm having a real hard time this week choosing, there's been such a good range of different songs uploaded in the past week or so! This song is just... and the PV...
Number 2: Electric Magic but 8#Prince and sung by the Kagamine Twins
It's just so cute, it really reminds me of PONPONPON or something to that effect. Cuteness all round!

Number 1: Hello Laughter buy Last Note and sung by Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, GUMI , IA and Lily.
Whenever I see a group of more than 3 vocaloids singing I freak out! I adore chorus songs and their voices all sound really realistic!


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Quiet time.

At last, the busiest time of the year is over. First of all a belated MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! Hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas!

My Uncle came to visit from the other side of the world for the first time in about four years, he left early this morning. I've had a pretty good Christmas, I got a decent set of headphones (which hopefully will last longer than a month or so), a pair of converse which are fluffy on the inside and an actual winter coat (cause I've been freezing to death for the last 2 months).

Arriety is on TV and no-one else wanted to watch it so I'm in the loft by myself. (Ok, firstly, to clear this up I've referred to "the loft" many times but it's not actually used for storage, it's really a kind of hobby room, just in case anyone thought I sit alone in the attic on a daily basis...) I'm typing while watching it, it's so cute!

As always during the school holidays I've been putting off all of my work, with 4 days left to go I've still done nothing. My friends are coming over tomorrow for a revision party so it's all good. :3

Oh, I meant to attach this to the last post but I forgot:
I got an offer from my top choice university as well to study French and beginners Italian with European Studies. (Longest course name. EVER) My gosh, 2013 is gonna be big year. I'm both excited and dreading university next year. I'm gonna love independence and actually doing a course I enjoy. On the other hand, I'm not overly good with cooking, I can survive a day or two cooking by myself but after that, what am I going to cook?
On that cheery note, I'll give my top three songs of the past month or so I've been away!
Number 3: Len-kyun Now! By Owata-P and sung by Miku, Luka, Rin and Len.
This appeared in my subscriptions this morning and I freaked out! No this is not 96Neko's version, this is REAL, Owata-P has actually done this!
Number 2: Life Prolonging Treatment by neru and sung by IA.
It's made by neru and sung by IA, do I need to give a better reason? :3
Number 1: Requiem of the Endless World by Hitoshizuku P & Yama△ and sung by the Kagamine twins
If anyone else has been waiting for the ending synchronicity series for too long, this is gonna be the best Christmas present ever! I literally squealed with fangirl happiness and Hitoshizuku P & Yama△ don't dissapoint. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. Just, listen to it!
Have a nice day! :3

Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas shopping: done.

So I finished my Christmas shopping! Wooo! (and have no money left!) However while I was doing le shopping I may have bought something for myself: Epic Mickey 2 for wii! I knew the original plan was that my parents were gonna get it for me for Christmas but they're toying with the idea of getting me a car, so I went out and got the game myself, while buying presents for everyone else, of course.

First of, it's REALLY good, I love how it has a co-op mode now because it means my sister can drop in and out whenever she wants (she's not so much as a hard core gamer as me...) The camera problems from the first game (in that it moves as it sees fit) is all gone!

There's also just SO MUCH MORE TO DO! I'm constantly being bombarded with quests, challenges, badge hunting, film reel hunting, costume hunting, looking for people, looking for metals, looking for cloth, looking for pigs, fixing train stations... and that's not even the HALF of the stuff to do ON TOP of the main quests. Really, this is gonna take a while!

They all speak too, apart from the Mad Doctor who sings (because after all what is a Disney product without  at least seven musical numbers)! After doing the first main section of the story there's a whole ten minute long happy ending video like the end of the first one, followed by the credits. Now I must say I didn't realise that I was nowhere near finishing it but I started freaking out: I've only played it 4 times! How can it already be finished?! Luckily for me, it's not, because a second load of bosses have emerged from the pits of wasteland, it's a classic Disney villain!

I don't want to give too much away so I'll stop now so I don't ruin it! >3<

In other news MAYU HAS FINALLY BEEN RELEASED! I have been waiting a looooong time for this to finally happen! A load of vocaloid producers have gathered together and made a CD consisting of 30 different songs, so here's my top 3 off of the album!

Number 3: Blood stained switch By mothy, sung by MAYU.

I love mothy, all his songs link together, it's like a mahoosive spiderweb of songs.
Number 2:  Escape from Dystopia by CosMo and sung by MAYU!
CosMo is another AWESOME producer! I can't believe how hard this is to decide between all the awesome songs!

Number 1: A lie and a stuffed animal by Dixie flatline and sung by (do I really need to say it again?) MAYU
It's just too adorable!  ...and then I read the lyrics...
Byesie bye!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Life can be fun!

Not an overly long post this week, I'm afraid! Not much has happened and I've just had homework to do! BLEH! It's (mostly) all done now, so I'm giving myself a well earned break.

I was in French yesterday and my teacher decided to have a debate. There were only three people in our lesson so it was the two other girls vs me. My teacher didn't want me to hear them as, well, I'd have apparently argued too well against them, so my teacher turned to me and said: do you have an iPod so you can listen to music, that way you won't hear them? My mind immediately went: vocaloid in French lesson? YES!

And so that has been the highlight of my past week! I'm going Christmas shopping on my own tomorrow so that might be fun!

Oh by the way, when I found out that the new Code lyoko series was in live action, I kinda reacted this way too! XD Now, I've seen the actors I'm FINE WITH IT!

I haven't been on YouTube these past few days because my Interne'ts been really slow! I got a letter today saying "we've upped your Internet speed, now you'll be able to download a film in the time it takes to make the popcorn!" I actually laughed as it's been slower now than it ever has been before! So this is the only new vocaloid song I discovered the past week, which I actually really like, so here it is:
An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness by t.Komine/Utata-P and sung by MAYU!
I really love her voice so much!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Too early to think up a title

Hiya everyone!

It's been about three weeks since my last post! Sorry! I didn't realise just how quickly life was going!

I've been super stressed out these past three weeks as there were quite a few bumps in the road trying to send of my application for university, but IT'S ALL GONE NOW!!! *happy dance* I've finally (two and a half weeks later than I wanted to be, thanks to my school...) applied to my five universities. Now I'm spending all my life checking my emails to find out if I've got any offers... I'm really worried they might see hwo bad I did in physics and be all "this girl is so stupid! Let's not take her!"

On saying that, it was probably poor judgment on my part to apply for a degree at a university that specialises in science... (Just to make it clear I'm applying for French!
^-^) So, let's just see how that goes!

So other than the panicking and endless amounts of French homework I should be doing right now, I've been working and it's one week left until I get paid! I'll be getting about £90 and when I worked out how much I was gonna spend on people for Christmas... I pretty much have nothing left. On the plus side, I have double shifts around Christmas and won't be paid until the first of January so all that money can go on me... I'm saving up for the next MCM in May. This time, I'm going in proper cosplays for both days WITH early entrance... Since I'll be paying for it all myself! Mwahahahaha!

Oooh, also we've got Lovefilm! It's brillliant! We get unlimited streaming of films as well as being able to rent games! And the anime section of the website literally makes me drool. I've rented out Final Fantasy XIII and I played it for the first time yesterday! I kept wanting to buy it but whenever I previously got money one of my friends so carelessly felt the need to have a birthday so all my money got spent on presents! NOT ANYMORE!!! *cough* Got to stop thinking about money, it's not a good habit...

Also, after Christmas I'm learning how to drive! My parents keep arguing whether to buy me a car or get me driving lessons. I sit there crossing my fingers for a car but they're expensive and I'd have to run it myself. Oh dear, I know where my wages are going! To be honest, I wouldn't care if I did have to spend my wages I'D HAVE A CAR! >_< All the places I could go!

Well, I need to wrap this up before the laptop runs out of battery so my top three vocaloid songs this week are:

Number three: This is the happiness and peace of mind society.
Creepy, just creepy.

Number 2: The Transient Apple salesgirl.
Cute Gumi song is cute.

Number 1: 1,2 fanclub